Amazing living statues

Many of us have seen the work of the living statues and mimes: it would seem - what could be easier than to stand, take the right position. However, it only seems so. The work is very interesting meme, but also complex.

In addition to patience, the meme is also important talent artistry. After passer throw a coin "statue" mime should play a little scene, luring the attention of others. The history of the living statues originated in Latin America, where three actors are the first statues. Their names - Paco, Tonio and Pepe. The widespread popularity of memes 70-80yh won in the last century in Barcelona.

Most tourist cities today can boast of living statues. Mimes often run art schools, students or simple unemployed, professional actors rarely go to the streets to stand motionless for several hours.

Despite its apparent simplicity, mime work is not easy.

Living statues, and today can be found in the former Soviet Union.

However, most memes take to the streets of tourist towns.

People performing live statues should have artistry.


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