Chinese bridges immortals

In China, naturally formed arches, called "Bridge Immortals».
Tao doctrine states that a person can become immortal, you just have to try.
Padded arch in the sky, represent the path to immortality.

1. Bridge Immortals Mount Tai (The Immortal Bridge), China, Shandong Province.
Mount Taishan, cultural monument of international importance, one of the five sacred mountains of Taoism. Amazing natural beauty, 22 temples attract a lot of visitors. On the mountain is one of a kind arch shown in the picture.

2. Fairy Bridge (Xianren Bridge, Ksianren Käo), China, Guangxi Province.
Fabulous bridge on the river Bu Liu - the largest natural arch in the world (90 meters long).

3. Bridge Immortals Hianzhu (Jiangzhou Immortal Bridge), China, Guangxi Province.
According to Wikipedia arch Hianzhu is the tenth longest in the world (65 meters). The Chinese themselves, of course, consider it a second. I put her in third place, because it is a natural Chinese arch last in the list.

4. Most of the Immortals on Mount Huangshan, China
Huangshan mountain range is included in the list of world cultural and natural heritage of mankind. No wonder there were carried out on location for the film "Avatar". But natural arches there. Nevertheless, I put here the bridge, also known as the Bridge of the Immortals, because I like him.

5. The extended Arch (Landscape Arch), the national park "Arches", USA.
The next group in the list - American natural arch. In America, a lot of them I can imagine some of the most beautiful and long.

Arch extended (translation «Landscape Arch», probably somewhat arbitrary), the second longest in the world (88 meters) and is located in the national park "Arches» (Arches National Park). Its name to the park owes its natural arches. It their 43 pieces.


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