Children's world: an island child now ...

In Moscow (then the capital of our common Motherland) I was once. And it was in a fairly distant 1989th year.
One of the most vivid impressions for the 8-year-old boy from a small provincial town, was visiting Ukraine "Children's World."
To say I was shocked - to say nothing ...

And now, thanks to Anton Belitskaya can look at the condition of this island childhood is today.

Will be 17 photos.

That's how it looked before.

So ...
It is now 2, 5 years since the building of Children's World on Lubyanka Square was closed for reconstruction. Today I was lucky enough to go inside. I expect to see an anthill of migrant workers - saw huge pathetic ruins.

The building of the Children of Peace was built by architect A. Dushkin and Lubyanka erected on the site of passage, with partial use of his foundations and vaulted cellars. Actually, this foundation and cellars and cause a lot of problems right now in the reconstruction.


Here in the "this" in recent years, and keep the entire building. From the overheard conversation learned that in the case of the Children's world would not be easy, but it is correct to take down all and build anew

This is not a construction waste - it was the collapse of

-2 Floor. Amazing acoustics there - can be literally in the next room but dokrichatsya to each other can not be

And in the basement of the terrible cold. Wind is not present, but it is colder than outside

.... here is warmer


This snow - arch over the main hall of the Children's World. Nobody envisaged that the roof must somehow clean, but it provided a powerful structure for maintaining a set. Actually, the design of the rest on the walls, are heavily cracked. If the building is not closed for repairs and not affixed to metal ties throughout the area - could happen is not very pleasant event in the heart of the capital.

Incidentally, the vault, which is evident in the large hall - it's not the same, which is the mountain of snow - between 2-3 meters still occupy different reinforcing structures






№17. Now look at the first photos of the theme. And this (last).
This is the same place ...



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