Khanty-Mansiysk: City of the Future

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Khanty-Mansiysk - a fantastic city. With a population of just 75,000 people (as in my Dubna near Moscow), the city has a Chess Academy (on the title picture), concert and theater complex with the organ hall, 2 Ice Palace, Olympic swimming pool, exhibition center, tennis center, 2 ski slopes, installed about 400 statues and monuments, road interchanges are such that even Moscow would envy, instead of traffic lights then dug underground passages, which arrange a photo exhibition ...

Khanty-Mansiysk - the administrative center of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (Khanty). It produces about 55% of Russia's oil. County pays to the state budget 70 000 in the second, but part of the taxes from the oil remains in the local budget, due to which the city is booming. Over the past 10 years, its population has grown in 2 times.

In addition, the county ranks first in Russia to produce electricity. Powerful power station located in Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk.

Most of the houses are made of glass and concrete, "Gazprom's" architectural style:

The river port and bus stations are combined in one building, in the shape of a ship:

All sports facilities are enormous and are able to take the world championship:

Exhibition Center Ugra-Expo area is comparable to the Moscow Expocentre:

Concert-theater complex "Ugra-Classic" with a separate organ hall. Himself organ built by the famous German firm "Johannes Klais Orgelbau" engaged in the construction of over 125 years. The body 8 meters in height and weighs ten tons! The keyboard of this powerful tool is finished mammoth bone found on the Arctic coast. By the way, the age of the fossil animal has about five hundred thousand years:

Before the arrival of oil companies Khanty and Mansi lived in tents:

Therefore, in modern architecture is often traced conical roof, symbolizing Mansi tent. It is present even in federal buildings, for example, in the building of the district tax inspectorate:


Commemorative stele "Conquerors of the Siberian land" is also designed as a plague. It is dedicated to the Cossacks, conquering the Siberian land. The height of the stele of 68 meters, and the top is an observation deck. Unfortunately, I did not have time to get into it:

The city has a university, and students live here in these modern dormitories:

Apartment buildings look very decent and modern:


However, I heard that in connection with the infinite world championships and the various festivals held in the city, many old houses have simply closed siding and replacing windows in plastic, and inside it is all the same barracks with balloon gas facilities on the street and the water from the column in the courtyard.

During the EU summit all the wooden house with the windows tightly closed fences of high-profile green:

And that I do not know whose house, but at the gate hung a red sickle-molotkastye flag of the USSR, and from behind a fence sticking figure of Lenin, before decorating the central square of the city:

This Sunday, in many regions of the country held elections. Khanty-Mansiysk was also hung with the election advertising:

Medvedev has such white teeth. Right Hollywood star:

The city has four Orthodox churches. The largest of them - the Church of the Resurrection - is enormous. The height of the main dome 60 meters (as a 20-storey building):

Before the temple is a monument to Cyril and Methodius:

As I wrote, roads, bridges and interchanges such that Moscow could easily envy, often do not understand why it was impossible to avoid traffic lights, if for each of the intersecting road car passing a frequency of once per minute. Instead, build the longest overpass. And yet there is a unique bridge across the Irtysh River in lengths of 1, 3 kilometers:

In the center of the city dug underground passages (I recall that the city lives only 75 thousand inhabitants!):

In these passages wash the floor and conducted a photo exhibition:

In the city a lot of parks:

And this is perhaps the most favorite tourist spot in common referred to as "the mammoth┬╗:

Huge sculptures of mammoths in the amount exceeding the real mammoth in 2, 5 times, visible from afar. The total weight of the group of 7 Mammoth - 70 tonnes:


Also in this valley of mammoths grazing rhinos, cave bears, horses, wolves and many other animals. Tourists are happy to get on a piece of iron and photographed:

Even the queen of biathlon world champion Magdalena Neuner, could not resist and climbed on a mammoth:

Between the mammoths and a brand new cultural and entertainment center "Arena Ugra" huddle 4 tent to entertain tourists:

Inside the tent is the oven and on the sides of 2 long tables for the guests:

Lovers of local color here are treated to steak from whitefish, sterlet and venison. For dessert, frozen blueberries with sugar:


For raw frozen food is better absorbed, the meal is accompanied by singing:

After the meal, you can ride on a reindeer sleigh:


The town has two museums: the "Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas" and "Museum of Nature and Man", in which we spent about one and a half hours. I do not like a museum, but it was really interesting. The museum is equipped with the latest technology. Each room dorogushchie installed projectors or information terminals with touchscreen:


Most memorable mammoth tooth the size of a watermelon is good, that you can hold in your hand:

And onions with a dull boom from which the stunned animals, so as not to spoil their fur:

I also threw a few things in the eye and seemed ridiculous. For example, the pharmacy chain. Apparently, the owners wanted to write "Pharmacy with better prices", but it turned out "Pharmacy with high prices┬╗:

This plaque at the entrance to the temple:

Cola, lemonade, duchesse, cream soda - to dream, really, nothing more! To hell with dreams of Bora Bora!

And finally, I have a local outfit:

The overall impression of the city remained strongly positive. Khanty-Mansiysk - this oasis of luxury in the vast north woods, sort of Dubai or Saudi Arabia. But conspicuous gloss and gloss and hiding many social problems, such as the catastrophic shortage of kindergartens and the lack of affordable housing. For example, one-bedroom apartment is worth 3 million rubles and apartments actually lacks.

In 2002-2006, when oil prices were growing, and half of the main petroleum tax (MET) remained in the county (now there is less than 5 per cent), in the budget there were unplanned revenues. Money was spent and a lot of them left and right. It was then, and there were numerous music, theater and other festivals, competitions and other razvlekuha. No wonder that those days are called diamond.

However, it is important to understand that the budget is filled with all district and consumed mainly Khanty-Mansiysk, which itself produces nothing and did not earn. In connection with this large, "earning" a lot of cities, districts dissatisfied distribution of money. Residents, for example, Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk with undisguised irritation related to Hunt, and they can be understood - they add to the budget and divide it in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Hence the sarcastic epithets and characterizations of the Khanty-Mansiysk - "The village with asphalt", "Jewish north", "Khanty-Manzhuysk", "Pont-Mansiysk", "Capital Oil Eldorado", "Sleeping city middle Ob ', and so on. d.

The city is very fond of loud slogans: Ugra - the territory of sport Ugra - the territory of environmental indifference, Ugra - the territory hopes Ugra - the territory of the achievements of Ugra - the territory of the health Ugra - the territory of the future, etc.

Residents of Khanty-Mansiysk worry that they will unite with the Tyumen and will transfer to the capital. Then money and officials to leave and live in the Khanty become much more difficult.

I asked locals: "What will happen to your city in 50 years, when oil is over?" The most common answer is: "And there will be nothing. Let's go all the town and throw "So far into the future at the Khanty-Mansiysk entirely bleak.

And yet this wonderful city attracts new residents like a magnet. Khanty-Mansiysk indigenous there are few - all came from somewhere. Any local newspaper or TV station full of advertisements "Wanted", so if you're thinking about changing their place of residence, the Khanty-Mansiysk can be an excellent choice. Come!




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