Stone monster - Gargoyles

Gargoyles is very disgusting, horrible and hideous creatures.
To be attentive, you can see them in many places, hanging over our heads.
Take a look at these mysterious creatures.

1. gargoyle - a carved stone grotesque figure who created to divert water from the roof and side facades of large buildings.

2. Normally, we associate them with the medieval times (due to one not obscure the hunchback), but they appeared much earlier. This is not just scary statue. Many gargoyles are in the form of certain animals, and this is no coincidence.

3. Leo.
Lion and Lioness were the favorite images of the founders of gargoyles. For example, at the Cathedral Dornoch in Scotland there is such a cute lion, grinning at passersby below. Leo was one of the most popular non-European animal, which was used in the Middle Ages when the decoration of churches and cathedrals. Later, they became popular in the form of gargoyles (a lot of them in Pompeii), and they symbolized the sun - their golden mane was a solar crown our lives.

4. However, in the Middle Ages, the builders of cathedrals used the lion as a symbol of pride, which, of course, was one of the seven deadly sins, and because it should be avoided. Here is the lion, for example, looks pretty proud. It is located in one of the colleges in France. Apart from lions to create gargoyles were not used other cats. Cats were a symbol of witchcraft, so they avoided.


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