Not far from the coast of Japan found the mystical circles

According to the National Administration Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, currently investigated about five percent of the world's oceans. That is - what's going on beneath the surface of the remaining 95 percent, we do not have any idea yet. Japanese photographer Yohji Ookata 50 years of his life to the secrets hidden in the depths of the ocean - ever since the age of 21 became a licensed diver. Most recently, during a dive off the south coast of the country, Ookata noticed at the bottom, at a depth of about 25 meters something extraordinary: wavy geometric patterns more than six meters in diameter. He immediately returned to his colleagues and film crew of television programs devoted to nature, to document this miracle.

In contrast to the "crop circles", this mysterious phenomenon explanation was found. Using underwater cameras able to detect the "artist" - they turned out to be a small fish, a length of only a few centimeters. Day and night she tirelessly sculpts these huge sculptures ... his fin.

On closer inspection, it turned out that the circles serve several important functions. But perhaps the most important - is to attract a partner. Females are interested these mounds and valleys of sand and begin to scrutinize them in the search for the male. And then a couple lays eggs in the middle of the "circle" - in the groove, which later serves as a "silencer" ocean currents and protects the tender seed.



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