Amazing Lake Pitch Lake

In the south-west of the island of Trinidad is amazing lake Pitch Lake.
The lake is not fish, it can not swim, so what is it surprising?
On this lake you can walk, it is completely filled with asphalt, and of high quality.

Islanders cover them expensive, and they are not alone. For example, one of the most symbolically loaded roads in the world - Pall Mal alley in London, which leads to Buckingham Palace, lined with natural asphalt from Pitch Lake

Lake Pitch Lake, which lies near the village of La Brea, small: its area of ​​about forty hectares. Depth, though impressive - more than eighty meters. To any other lake of course, it's not like: it is a pit filled with semi-black mass. Hundreds of tons of natural asphalt scooped from Pitch Lake annually, but its level is not reduced: underground bituminous "factory" works well, making up for the fact that a person takes.

Lake surface elastic and oily, if you try to "scoop up" his "water", she pulled strings thick bitumen. This lake is anything but fixed: it takes its own life, however, did not like living in other lakes.

According to legend, the place where the lake is located, there was a settlement of the tribe of Indians Chima. After defeating the enemy tribe of Indians made a feast to feast, where they ate a large number of sacred birds hummingbirds, forgetting that they are believed to spirits of their ancestors. As punishment, the gods of earth and caused razverznuli tar lake, swallowed whole village and its inhabitants.

In fact Pitch Lake is one of the bitumen pits formed naturally. Such objects can also be found in Venezuela, California and elsewhere

He is currently a tourist attraction, which for the year is visited by about 20 thousand. Man. In addition, from the lake and still extract a high quality asphalt, which is exported.



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