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Another collection of the most interesting pictures that spread all over the world.

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New sprout on the dead tree


Purple haze at Edinburgh Castle

House wall overgrown with ivy

Roots sprouted between paving slabs

Clouds illuminated by the flash of lightning



Beysdzhamper in Rio

Sunset over Chicago

Solar flare

Lake Hamilton

Collage, if Jupiter was instead Moon

House in Serbia

Mount Rainier casts a shadow on the clouds

The border with Sweden, Norway


Weddings during the flood

Bora - Bora

Seahorse looks at watch diver

Airport San Francisco

Ice cave, Russian

Flooded by Hurricane "Sandy" roller coaster

Dawn in London

Rachek looks out from his house

Moth, Venezuela

Oasis in Libya

Wall meets the sea

White Whale

Icy embankment in Switzerland

Abandoned railroad, China

Moon bridge

Airplane on moon background

Northern lights, the view from the ISS

Bern, Switzerland

South coast of England

The first sunrise in 2012

Bee sting

Kiss near the volcano

Iguazu Falls on the island

Skayserfer and whale



Monks at the waterfall Pongur

Milky Way

Molokini Crater

145 water skiers

Mount Kilimanjaro

Traffic at the airport Hanover

Northern Lights

Sperm whales

Flower meadow in the desert, Utah

Lavender field


Salt Solar de Uyuni desert after rain

Confluence of two rivers

Submarine shackled Arctic ice



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