Top 10 most mysterious and controversial audio books on psychology and esoteric

1.Hohot Shaman (Vladimir Serkin)

Description: In 1997, psychologist Vladimir Serkin accidentally met a man who believed all surrounding a shaman. The result of their relatively long communication was the book "Laughter Shaman", which gives the processed fragments of diaries, dialogues with a person living extraordinary lives and communicate not only with people but also with other beings, possessing many wonderful practices. Some readers compared "Laughter Shaman" from "The Teachings of Don Juan" by Carlos Castaneda.

2.Lyudi who play the game, or you say, "Hello." What's next? The psychology of human destiny (Eric Berne)

Description: Two of the most famous books of Eric Berne: 'Games are played lyudi` and `` You said zdravstvuyte`. What's next? 'Dedicated transactional analysis or, more simply, the psychology of human relationships and the psychology of human destiny. They were conceived as an advanced textbook on psychoanalysis, however, the author would like to be able to read and unprofessional. 'Faced with the need to make a choice between simplicity and sverhuslozhnennostyu - writes Bern - I made a choice in favor of the people, from time to time by inserting special terms: something like a hamburger, which I throw watchdogs academic science, and he meanwhile slipped in the side door and tell my friends `Hello!`

3. Man and His Symbols (Carl Gustav Jung)

Description: In this edition of CG Jung on the basis of their research offers its own scheme of the structure of the human psyche. Research material for Jung was primarily his own psyche, its wonders and mysteries, dreams, fantasies, visions. His work - a reflection of the depths of his own soul. The CD contains also the work of Jung's followers. Joseph L.Hendersona, Mapuu-Louise von Franz, Aniela Jaffe, Yolande Jacobi.

4.BEGSTVO from freedom (Erich Fromm)

Description: "Escape from Freedom" [1941] - part of an extensive study on the problem of the relationship and interaction between psychological and sociological factors of social development.

Escape from Freedom - is a conscious self enslavement when a person does not want to assume the burden of responsibility and willingly accepts slavery. Man faces the temptation to give up his freedom to all possible circumstances or dictators, becoming a small cog in the machine or in a well-fed and clothed soundly machine.
Freedom seems to many something self-evident. But is it?

5. The power of thought, or the magnetism of the individual. 15 lessons on the impact of the interlocutor (William Walker Atkinson)

Good luck and success in life, career and love depends on our ability to attract other people, to convince them, to influence them and lead them. This ability is called magnetism personality. It turns out that everyone is able to master this power of attraction and make it serve their own benefit.
The American writer, lawyer and psychologist William Atkinson gives 15 lessons of the Great Law of Attraction that will harmonize itself with the world and attract into your life happiness and success.

6. Salas. The practice of raising the level of consciousness

Description: Audiobook outstanding Chilean thinker, researcher, writer and philosopher Dario Salas Sommer "Practice raising consciousness" (the original title of the book "Gipsosoznanie"), who was born in Santiago de Chile in 1935.

Audio book "Practice of raising consciousness" primarily enhances the normal level of consciousness, beat stress and anxiety, learn how to effectively solve problems, achieve relaxation, create a constant inner "I". Besides the scientific explanations in the book contains a number of simple practical exercises, which any person. Correctly following the method can improve the level of consciousness to achieve happiness and live a full life and developed a mature man, conscious decisions, not adrift.

7. Robert Cialdini "Psychology of influence»

Description: How is it that easy to control us ...

This conclusion was made by me after reading a book by Robert Cialdini "Psychology of influence." It exhaustively fully described manipulation techniques with which we have to cope with.

Enumerate here the art of influence is not the slightest sense - a book to read. Better yet, memorize. Particularly pleased that the book is almost no any allegations, all theories Cialdini backed experimentally.

In addition, according to the author, in order to study the mechanisms of influence from within, he acted as an intern in various organizations, which are used in the activity of handling equipment.

However, I must say that the book has a side effect - of course, most of the people it protects, but someone and equip simple and, at the same time, effective instruments of influence. Thus, the army of manipulators replenished with new fighters ...

8. The subconscious can all (John Kehoe)

Description: The author of this book in solitude amid the forests of the Canadian province of British Columbia for three years intently pondering questions concerning the activity of the human brain.

Ways to strengthen its limitless resources, developed by John Kehoe and combine in a specific program, can change your life for the better, fill it with success and happiness.
For a wide range of readers.

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9. Travelling Soul (Michael Newton)

Description: Why are you here on Earth? Where will you go after death? What happens to you when you find yourself there? In many books written about past lives, but until this exciting book had little information about the continued existence of the soul in the period prior to our new birth.

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10. Transerfing Reality (Vadim Zeland)

Description: This book deals with the very strange and unusual things. All this is so shocking that do not want to believe. But your faith is not required. There are ways in which you can check out all by yourself. That's when your familiar world collapses.

All of us, one way or another, are at the mercy of circumstances. Desires are not fulfilled, dreams do not come true, but the worst expectations, unfortunately, are justified. Could not the other way around? It appears possible. And you'll learn how.

Transerfing - is a powerful technology management a reality. The goal here is not achieved, and is implemented for the most part itself. It sounds unbelievable but under ordinary worldview. Breaking stereotypes locks, you open the door to a world where impossible dreams turn into reality. You have to make sure that your options are limited only by your intention.

There are many books that teach how to succeed, to become rich, happy. The prospect is tempting, who does not want to, but you open a book, and there is some sort of exercise, meditation, work on yourself. Immediately becomes sad. Life is - continuous examination, and then offer again tense and something of themselves squeezed.

You claim that you are imperfect, and therefore must change, otherwise can not count on that. Perhaps you are not completely satisfied with themselves. But deep down you do not want to change themselves. And rightly do not want to. Do not believe anyone who says that you are imperfect. Why did you decide that someone is better than you know what you should be? You do not need to change yourself. The output is not where you are looking for it.

We will not engage in exercises, meditation and soul-searching. Transerfing - this is not a new method of self-improvement, and a fundamentally different way of thinking and acting so as to obtain desired. Not pursue, namely to receive. And do not change themselves, and return to her.

We all make many mistakes in life, and then dream about how it would be great to bring back the past and fix everything. I promise you will not "second-class ticket to childhood", but the error can be corrected, and it would be like to return to the past. Even, most likely, "forward into the past." The meaning of these words you will become clear only at the end of the book. You could not hear or read anywhere that I'm going to tell you. So get ready for the unexpected, how awesome and so enjoyable.


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