Appliances past years

It is interesting to remember how it all began: the emergence of a washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner and other household appliances.
It is now we look with a smirk on old-fashioned things, and can not imagine life without modern and smart appliances and fashionable devices.

1. This dishwasher companies "Charles Colston" worth 85 guineas. The first dishwasher was patented in 1886 Josephine Cochrane, but they were used only for enterprises because of the huge amount of water needed for its operation. Home dishwashers came into use in the 1970s.


2. The first electric hair dryer invented in 1890, the French owner of a beauty salon Alexander Kodfoy. This aluminum dryer 1925 had two settings and wooden handle.

3. Radio «Regency TR-1" was the smallest wireless radio, which appeared on the market in 1955.

4. William Henry Hoover bought the patent for the vacuum cleaner in 1908. It was his first commercial version - "0 Model", which was used in the 1920s.


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