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They say that imitation - it is the most sincere form of flattery, but this photographer imitation - is an art form. "Twins" - a project of the artist and photographer Cheyne Gallardo, which is converted to doubles its wide variety of objects photographed. The photographer lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. His small studio is specialized in photos from home albums that are made in the most subtle and exquisite detail.

In some photos the photographer has given free rein to their creativity and are not afraid to use a lot of accessories and makeup. Photo: Chain Gallardo as his girlfriend, actress Alyssa Joy Lee.

Photographer as friend Chi Chi Kago.

Gaillard has decided to become a counterpart of those who donated any funds for the publication of his book with a collection of photos. In the photo: one of the "sponsors" of his book, Samantha asked him to become a double of her daughter.

Gallardo as a comedian Garik Paykan F.c..


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