Airplane Leonid Brezhnev

30 km from the Ukrainian capital, near Kiev-Odessa highway, is a plowed field, on which stands the plane.
The most legendary IL-62 flown by Leonid Brezhnev.
This plane for almost 40 years and he was in the air does not rise, but the story continues ...

IL-62, tail number USSR-86612 produced in 1975. This VIP-board - modification "Salon". Submitted to the government troops in Chkalov, then in 1981 in the Soviet Navy, then in / h 45777 (Kulbakino). With 2002go on 2010y stored in Nikolaev.

In October 2010, the board transported to Glevaha (31y km Kiev-Odessa highway).

Aircraft is assembled in less than 2 months, but the last three years is in the same condition. At the moment, is not completely resolved the issue of ownership of the land on which it stands, so that all plans are in limbo. Presumably this will be the Museum of Aviation, perhaps a restaurant.

Aircraft stands on the tarmac directly in the field, but is behind a fence, so from a distance it seems that he is standing right in the garden.

From a distance, the sun highlights the morning dew faint letters "AeroflotĀ»:

Inside, in theory, all saved

Toilet Brezhnev would soon become the gold in one of the prestigious auction:

Here's a unique aircraft is very near to Kiev! However, just to find it only in winter and autumn, as in other time- it is hidden behind the trees and foliage.



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