Highest arch dam in Russia

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In 1966, when "The Beatles" gave their last concert in San Francisco, far away, on the river Sulak in Daghestan just started another milestone - a grand building Chirkeyskaya HPP. Now she looks like.

However, the first thing I drew attention here - mountains. The steep slopes of the Caucasus - the place, its bewitching power and beauty, his impetuosity, danger. It is hard to imagine what faced the builders erecting such a complex and vast construction on such steep slopes. In 1970, the building was in the zone 8 miballnogo earthquake. The work had to be stopped for six months.

In 1974, the construction of hydroelectric Chirkeyskaya was finally completed, but the industrial use of the station began just after 7 years in 1981, when it created the necessary infrastructure.

This, incidentally, is the highest arch dam in Russia. Its height is 232, 5 m. With more than twice the height of the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster.

When you walk through the corridors of hydroelectric power stations, there is a feeling that you are in a computer game, and because of the angle vysochit some monster ...

Hydro-generator - the heart of any HPP. Just here and produce energy. As I was told, just Chirkei hydroelectric produces 2, 43 billion. KWh. electricity per year. At about the same as all the Power and some rather big African countries - such as Angola.

Remote Control. Everything is automated and closely monitored.

Chirkei HPP serves our country for over 30 years. In 2008-2009, there were modernized - hydraulic unit №2 replaced with a new, partially upgraded infrastructure.

This is not a mountain lake as you might think at first glance. Pouring hydroelectric power formed a reservoir the size of 42 square meters. km (this is more than the area of ​​the suburban Mytischi).

And since 2006, it is also very fishy. It was released half a million trout fry. So you can go fishing.

Chirkei HPP - a perfect place for meditation. What impressed me most appropriate scale: natural objects and works of human hands are equally enormous. Dam fits perfectly into the landscape as giant.



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