As Belarusian large family lives in a village

The story will focus on the large family of the Belarusian village Linova 2 Pruzhany district.
That will lead us how they live and what they dream.

Most of the family I never wanted. When I had two kids, and someone said, they say, once again marry and give birth to, replied: Are you crazy? 7 years after the divorce, I was living with the children alone. Many, many worked in the Pruzhany pharmacy, wanted to put them on their feet. When pregnant a third time, it was terrible. How to react to adult children? Then they moved to tears I was pleased, saying that it is very glad. When Anton was born, I said I wanted another child. And so it happened. And where four, five, and there! But when Mary was born again was scary. As time went crisis, changes in the country. Ruble fell, there was no money. I prayed to God that he reassured me to drive away bad thoughts. And we all have experienced.

Where five, six, and there? Maybe. But it is too early to talk about it. Let's see.

Money - Now I sit at home with the children. Her husband works as a driver at the poultry farm. Last month he had a salary of 3 million. 1, 8 million get for Masha. More government does nothing. I also assumed the Order as the mother of many children, but we must, it is still not fully earned. Wait until the will. Yes, children still receive a scholarship, and I - alimony. Just last month our budget - nearly 6 million. Enough, of course, difficult. It happens, and with great difficulty, if the contingency one of the kids got sick. The most important thing is to have enough food. The products we buy every month, according to the list. And spending on clothing serious. But without this in any way.


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