Aerodrome store nuclear warheads

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In Baranavichy military airfield there - 61st Air Force Base and Air Defense Armed Forces of Belarus. Previously, it was based on the 203rd heavy bomber regiment of 22th Guards Donbass Red Banner division, relocated in 1994 in Engels, and since 2000 is in Dyagilevo on Ryazanschine. Now the airport is quite alive, unlike his counterpart on Mahileu, but his SBCH (storage of nuclear warheads) abandoned, as well as Bykhov.
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1. Thus, the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. Once the vault was surrounded by a perimeter of barbed wire, but now the fine woods used in Betonka mushroom pickers.

2. Not far from the checkpoint at the side of the road stands the tower, once covered with camouflage coloring. Now the construction of № 2/11 is empty and boarded up.

3. More on the main road in the bush hiding various ruins. I had some time to wait here a little rain in the cellar, according to the clutch, built stroybatovtsem from Central Asia.

4. Each base construction placed upon the road of concrete slabs, so it is impossible to get lost.

5. One of the roads leads to a small store, presumably, a fuel depot. On the side walls are preserved painted cute Christmas trees.

6. On the other side of the central concrete strip at the end of the base frame is detected assembling and mounting housing. His twin, only the whole, had met us at Byhovschine

7. From the ruins takes on the road, in the midst of which are recessed two selling dildo.

8. The road leads with a track in the middle of everything on. Right - the remains of a large-scale brick buildings.

9. It is easy to guess that the road will lead to the storage of nuclear warheads. During the next turn comes in, again, "decorated" Christmas trees.

10. The semicircular armored door in the back room. Top - hatch caponier.

11. Entrance to the store cover a thick three armored door.

12. When the door is the room management.


14. Self storage - a huge hall with a crane-beam (sawn).

15. In the hall out the gate six rooms for the storage of warheads. Once the inputs they overlap their bronezadvizhkami now nothing.

16. The nuclear charges were taken out of the rooms on special trolleys on rails. In the middle of the room they turned 90 ° on a special turntable, the plant under the tap, which overloaded their trailers, take them to the airport. In the floor of the niche left by the drive turntable.

17. It should have been at the base and facilities for most of these trailers. It is easy to find, because it is associated with tarmac repository.

18. Once there was a large-scale plant with several sections, is now strongly torn down.


20. "card" is the base of the picture on the wall construction, schematically truck transport charges. The weather did not spare the old paint. A couple of years ago, the picture was complete, which can be seen in photographs of Maxim Tarnalitskogo.



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