The best pictures from DigitalGlobe satellites

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Japan, Mount Fuji, 20.09.2012

The company DigitalGlobe - the world leader in satellite photos and video. It founded nineteen years ago, previously called WorldView Imaging Corporation and EarthWatch Incorporated. In 1993, the Corporation WorldView Imaging received the first license for the use of satellites for digital recording surface of the Earth.

The last few years at the end of next year, the company publishes the best photos, selecting them from a huge number of images taken from satellites Quickbird, WorldView-1 and WorldView-2.

According to the results of voting on Facebook, today, December 19, will be named the five best pictures in 2012. Then, in early January next year, will choose the best of the best photos of the Earth in 2012. Italy, 4 February, killed a tourist ship «Costa Concordia».

Easter in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, April 8.

Northern England, September 6, figure, known as the Lady of the North.

Break the ice of Antarctica, January 27.

Homs, Syria, Feb. 15, burning pipeline.

New Mexico, 20 September, 747 bears shuttle "Endeavour" in his last flight.

London, UK, July 23, the Olympic Village.

Chile, 14 October, the world's largest open pit mine Chuquicamata.

Chile, on April 2, the largest chain of snowy volcanic Puntiagudo-Cordón Senisos, located in the Andes.

Sandupin, China, August 1, the dam "Three Gorges".

Monte Carlo, Monaco, 22 September, the regatta.

Tokyo, Japan, April 7, Skytree (tree of heaven) - the tallest tower in the world (634 meters), which opened this year.

Nevada, August 28, the festival Burning Man.

Kulan Island, Australia, quarries and iron ore

Bahrain (I can not correctly translate the «grid pattern on the sea floor»)

Subi Reef, China (there is built - the Chinese are not recognized)



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