The F-22 Raptor. Things happen.

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«Raptor» (F-22 Raptor) - multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation, developed by Lockheed Martin, Boeing and General Dynamics. The F-22 is currently the only one standing armed fighter of the fifth generation in the world.
Describing this plane, deservedly use the definition of "most", the most modern, the most expensive, the most "invisible", very, very, very ...

However, even the most-technique is not immune to the problems that lead both to tragic consequences, and to the absurd and even anecdotes.

It is still not solved serious problems with aircraft oxygen equipment, has led to tragic consequences of the death of the pilot.
In one case, when a group of planes could not fly from the US to Japan, as it turned out, the software does not take into account was the Date Line, and the whole group, losing orientation, was forced to turn back by following the visual for aircraft refueling.

And yet it does happen ...

The pilot could not open the canopy and sat in the cockpit for five hours!

To release the pilot had no choice but to cut the canopy!
Scotch mark up the place of the future cut ...

Outfit rescuers should correspond to the importance of the moment, do not lift some opened, the most modern fighter!
Work has begun to boil, saw bite into polycarbonate bespereplёtny tselnotyanuty lantern covered with a special coating, is meant to eliminate the reflection of radar signals from the equipment cabin.

High-tech wooden wedge prevents the saw from jamming.

This sweet word "freedom"! Hip hip hooray

Elementary permissible fault, probably the production of VAZ, but not so expensive contraption as "Raptor". The whole procedure, renovated, with a cost of 180,000 dollars.

Confess, who have been looking at this photo puddle? :)

Cause of the problem is unknown. The plane belongs to Air Base Langley 27 air wings.

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