Depardieu obmateril journalist for criticizing Kadyrov

Depardieu defended Kadyrov unprintable expressions

Obscenities erupted Gerard Depardieu to the Russian journalist, because that was critical of Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on his website RTL.

The actor, recently received Russian citizenship, named correspondent for the French TV channel i-Télé Elena Voloshin dirty word and threw her out of the room.

The reaction from Depardieu caused Voloshinoy report about the film "Turquoise", which he takes in Chechnya. In it, she recalls the actor donated apartment in Grozny and Kadyrov called "Chechen dictator."

That this material looked Depardieu before the scheduled interviews with Voloshin, when the journalist arrived at the venue, said the publication with reference to the French newspaper Canard Enchaîné.

Instead, the conversation correspondent heard insults in his address, and it kicked out of the premises occupied by the actor.

As stated by Voloshin, "she was not physically threatened," but it was "shocked and outraged". When the correspondent Canard Enchaîné contacted by Depardieu, who "said in his usual manner": "It's a bitch! And he went to hell Canard Enchaîné! », Says RTL.



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