The island of socialism in the suburbs.

Hello! Today I want to tell you about the wonderful place in which I visited yesterday (August 3).
JSC "farm to them. Lenin "is just behind Moscow on Kashirskoe highway.
Created farm in 1928, before 1918 it was called "commune Oreshkovskaya" respectively, this year celebrates anniversary 95i.

The main products of the farm is the strawberry. This year it was collected 1,000 tons.
In addition, potatoes are grown with a capacity of 430 p. hectare, vegetables, apples. There is at the farm and cattle to milk yield 8100 liters of milk per cow per year.
Net income for the farm in 2012 was 250 million rubles. By decision of the shareholders annual dividends are not paid, and all profits directed at increasing workers' wages and social services.

What are the results of such a policy? It will be 24 photos.


For employees of the farm 50% of the property pays for the company, the employee pays the remaining half within 15 years, of course, without interest, and overpayments.

For young doctors and teachers farm is ready to provide interest-free loan for 15 years to buy apartments in these buildings. House prostroen state and price for young specialists set minimum.
The remaining apartments are sold at market value.

Playground (never seen such a "climbing frame" for the children ").

Reconstruction of school stadium held by the farm.

Sports (one of the two, the second in the House of Culture also repaired at the expense of the farm). Good pictures inside do not work, but there are boxing rings, a lot of simulators, in general, all that is needed.

There are many sculptures on the territory.

Beautiful park. In the middle of a fountain pond illuminated at the time of the shooting unfortunately it has been turned off.

A vending machine for milk (first time I see)

The clinic visit, alas, did not have time. By the way guess who had the repair, modernization and regularly pays doctors, nurses (120, 000 per month spent at all)? Who provides ambulance?

But we've been here. No, it's not a cottage factory director, is - a kindergarten.

Kindergarten worth 260 million rubles, with an area of ​​6,000 square meters is built entirely from the farm. In addition to the employees 'children to go free, and kids' waiting list ».

Playground for kids.

One of the three playgrounds.

At the entrance.

Lobby 1

Lobby 2

Lobby 3
Since there is no overall plan We had 35 people, and can not be removed without placing unnecessary people.

The staircase to the second floor.

A piece of the gym, because there is no overall plan see above.

I think you have noticed that the figures in the garden there are more than Disney characters. Director of the farm is known.
So now the park is being built based on Pushkin's fairy tales. The opening is scheduled for September this year. The perimeter is surrounded by a fence, and here are the heroes (they do not know 33 or more, but look very powerful)

Of course in the village, there are sculptures of Lenin.


Director of the farm GRUDININ Pavel. With this Kommunist farm alive and evolving.
Pavel Nikolayevich motto: "You can not be rich in a poor country»

The average salary of workers is 54 thousand. Rubles.
Every year veterans receive from the farm on May 9. financial assistance of 75 thousand rubles.
Pensioners who worked at the farm every year is sent for rest and treatment.
All employees of the kindergarten - the former state farm workers, who as a result of the modernization of production have been translated into new jobs without reducing wages. In the process of modernization of the number of personnel was reduced from 900 to 320, and the volume of production increased by 5 times.
Leaders of the farm together with a team of 4 reflected the attempts of raider attacks from the side of crooks and thieves.

Rural workers.

In summary we can say that the building of socialism in a single village is quite feasible task with proper guidance.

Stalin approves.



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