9, the most famous experiments

A selection of nine unusual experiment over their own lives.
How to finish tell.

1. The man spent a whole year without the Internet

"I would really like to put someone" Like "right now».
Like many of his generation, Paul Miller spent most of his life, actively using the Internet. He was constantly online with a 12-year-old, and at 14 was already working as a web designer. But in 26 years, Miller realized that his life "something is missing". Then he decided to make a bold and somewhat scary step - to disconnect the network cable and live without the Internet for one year.
Of course, along the way he had a lot of ups and downs, as well as some interesting discoveries. We will not recount all this to those who may want to watch a documentary mini-film about these events, or to read about it in the first person. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that as soon as Paul does not intend to again try to live without the Internet for so long.

2. AJ Jacobs live life "as an experiment»

AJ Jacobs - chief editor of the magazine "Esquire", thinker, craftsman and social experimenter. He spent more than ten years, asking the unusual questions such as: "Can I spend my whole life in India?" Or "Is it possible to live by the rules of George Washington in everyday life?».
He has published four books and numerous articles for magazines, which describes in detail all the complex tasks set before him. His most famous work is called "My Life as an Experiment" and contains among other things the criticism of his wife regarding his actions.

3. Colin Wright - extreme vagrancy

This man, there are many rumors. 26-year-old Colin Wright seems to live on the edge in almost all respects. He leads a nomadic life, voting on the roads and moving ride to another part of the world every four months. The choice he makes based on the vote in his blog. He also completely refused the money for one year and did not wear black for six months.
The idea of ​​all of his experiments to help people begin to think differently, to try new things and be open to change. You can see his inspiring speech at TED, or visit his blog to vote for the next step.

4. The woman lives without sugar

Sugar - a wonderful sweet product that, according to some studies, the abuse can cause diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and many other diseases. And yet sugar is one of the ingredients in almost every finished product, used by us for food. Do not believe me - look at the structure of the package. But you could completely abandon it?
One woman was able to - she lives without sugar from 1 January of the year 2008. She wished to remain anonymous, but to create a blog, which shows all kinds of fruits containing sugar, as well as recipes and tips for bezsaharnogo lifestyle. It calls on all those who read her blog, to do the same.

5. The man lived 30 days in its own liquid mixture

Rob Reinhart - amateur chemist, decided to do away with the problem of world hunger. It seeks to create a cheaper alternative to solid food, which will contain all the same nutrients.
Through trial and error, he created a liquid diet called "Soylent" in honor of "Soylent Green" - a fictional food film of the same name, made of dead human beings (food Reinhart draws contains the remains). He claims that he lived 30 days, eating only Soylent, although there are many skeptics, saying that he resorted to the biologically active additives, as well as the experiments Reinhart are questionable, if not dangerous.
However, the chemist does not give up. In his plans - testing on a voluntary participants. He also intends to launch a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds - because he wants to feed the hungry, and make some money for themselves.

6. A woman from Germany, living without money for 16 years

"You will never be able to give me your money».
Heidemarie Schwermer gone through all the stages of modern capitalism - from the pre-recession peak. Earlier, her family has been a successful distributor of coffee, but lost everything during the Second World War. Throughout his life, the luck turned to face Schwermer, then again turned away from her. When she turned 50, she decided to conduct an experiment to check whether it is for a year to do without money.
She handed out all their savings, and things, including the furnishings of their own apartments, leaving himself only the most necessary, fit into a small suitcase. Schwermer living without money for 16 years, satisfied barter, laboring in the trash and making a lot of public speaking. She starred in the documentary "Living without money", copies of which are distributed free of charge.

7. Daniel Suel left the company and began to live in the desert

Daniel Suel also live without money, but, unlike Heidemarie, he refused all the facilities provided by the company, preferring to live in the desert of Utah and independently produce their own food.
Daniel commits no barter with anyone and refuses to social assistance. However, he did not give up access to the Internet and regularly writes in his blog article on "illusory" money and is looking for members to join its "free the tribe." Are you ready to join him?

8. Yogi 70 years living without food and water

If the application Prahiada Jani - true, he challenged not only the temptations of society, but to the entire life cycle of life. Jani, also known as Shunrivala Mataji says, he stopped eating and drinking when he was 11 years old. Now he is 85, he lives as a hermit in a cave and spends most of his time for meditation.
Two studies conducted in Indian hospitals in 2003 and 2010, respectively, were designed to test the correctness of a hermit. The first study lasted ten days, and the second - for 15 days. Both times he was in a sealed room with no bathroom, it allowed only gargle. Doctors say he passed both tests with flying colors - did not eat, do not defecate. However, their findings in scientific journals, doctors did not published.
On the Internet, on this occasion it was a lot of hype, in addition, further studies are planned. But Jani at this time, seems to remain blissfully unaware of the controversy, quietly living in his cave.



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