Unusual scientific experiments

Here are some facts about the crazy and unusual scientific experiments.

Orgone energy

The psychoanalyst and follower of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich coined the "theory of orgone" in the 30-ies. He believed that the "orgone energy" (life energy or the energy of the cosmos) is the basis of Freud's concept of libido and called it orgonomiey. In 1940 he tried to accumulate orgone in the so-called "orgone accumulators", to use this power to fight cancer. It is not surprising that his dubious assumptions have not been confirmed, and he went to jail when trying to smuggle abroad his "orgone device».

Elephant junkie necessarily

Investigation of the behavior of elephants resulted in the most cruel experiments in the name of science. Warren Thomas introduced the elephant named Truk 297 milligrams of LSD in 3000 times the dose that is capable of supporting a person. The experiment was conducted in the Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma in 1962, it was to determine whether it can cause temporary insanity have periodically experiencing bouts of aggression males. An hour later, he died from Truk.

The two-headed dog

American physiologist Charles Guthrie made a significant contribution to science and even collaborated with the French doctor Alexis Carrel, in 1912 received the Nobel Prize in physiology for his work on vascular surgery. Guthrie also nominated for the award, but he refused, probably because of the experiments on transplants. He sewed the dog a second head. Surprisingly, his experiments have even had some success: severed heads managed to keep alive artificially during the transplant.

Dogs Frankenstein


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