Personal evaluation of mental abilities

Viewing TV series based on the fairy tales made to think about the mental abilities of your favorite childhood characters. I get a little frivolous rating.

Considerations my personal who are not NRA - chase their arguments))))

1st place - Thumbelina

Thumbelina demonstrates a complete lack of tupopezdnosti. Marry the first comer without love to go refused the entreaties of beetle pikapera did not lead. The richness of the mole is not tempted and was able to unscrew from the wedding. If not married to the king of elves could find themselves in ornithology. To detect a heartbeat from a dead swallow - this talent. 10 points.

2nd place - Mermaid

Everybody was talking rybobabe that would lyudyami not to be confused, so no. Who listens to the senior in 16 years? In general, it ruined her curiosity and generosity - rare for teens quality. 9 points.

3rd place - Cinderella

Cinderella a vegetable of some sort. Its spread rot, and she suffers. She told of the time to follow, but she ears flapping. Shoe Crystal sister got on to the stumps, instead of what would have to admit that it is looking for a prince. Nothing would be her stepmother when the royal messenger did ... some spineless. 6 points.

4th place - Sleeping Beauty

They say you - "Do not touch a spinning wheel. You'll die. " Sixteen years taldychili the girl and she was not learned. Well, not as a person climbs into a socket that is not used shandarahnulo, and this, see how pushy. Found only in the realm of a spinning wheel and tow her to her pulled. 3 points to her.

5th place - Snow White / Dead Princess

That increased devonka completely negative, the father of liability, which is a witch stepmother and learned nothing. Even after an assassination attempt in the woods findings did not. Not only does it without problems were settled with the seven dwarfs foreign / heroes in one housing, so still and eating apples taken from an unknown old woman. It is only 2 points for excessive faith in people

6th place - Little Red Riding Hood

Let's leave the mother's behavior to send the child to the woods at the mercy of the juvenile justice ... Let us cap. It really tupen. Even if you're a kid (and in some embodiments Riding Hood fairy tale is quite a mature girl) as much as possible from their own wolf babulentsii not distinguish? !!! Yes, no wolf, even donned cap and gown any elderly aunt would not like her. And what have you for a ritual - to lie down and talk? You always talk to grandma? Hmm ... a wolf mouth still smelled grandmother's guts, and you lay down beside him and tryndyat with the beast. In short number you for ingenuity.

That's all I wanted to say. You can kick



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