Russian scientists have disproved the theory

Scientists from Russia, awarded the Gruber Foundation, turned the common conception of the universe, proving that the universe was born earlier than believed mainstream science.

Russian astrophysicist Mukhanov Vyacheslav and Alexey Starobinskii awarded the most prestigious award in the field of cosmology - Gruber Foundation. As a reward, each of them had paid 500 thousand dollars. Ceremony was held in Cambridge, England.


Astrophysicists have shown that the universe develops in a particular cycle, and parallel worlds exist, too. In simple words, to the "Big Bang", which is considered to be a point of reference, there was life. Russian scientists have made a significant contribution to the development of so-called inflationary theory describing the forces that influence the expanding and evolving universe. The work of the Russians in the fund Gruber called the breakthrough that changed the understanding of the universe.

Alex Starobinskii 30 years of his life spent on something that would explain to the world its astrophysical theory. The money for the holy science it does not matter, he has not even decided how to spend the prize Hubert.

 - No special plans, but I think the easiest answer - spend on something that usually spend the salary, - told Life News scholar.

However, too much spending money Alexey is not necessary - it is almost always on business trips. Our compatriot invite all international institutions, such as the recently he returned to the University of Tokyo, where he gave lectures on cosmology.



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