The treasure of the old Cossack, was 1785

I want you to tell the story of finding me and my friend, a partner of the treasure ...

Good day, dear colleagues on search. I want you to tell the story of finding me and my friend, a partner of the treasure ... Very often, digging out of the ground coin, ring, cross, I wonder about their previous owners, who they were, how they lived, how the village looked in those days. And when the first emotion of finding the treasure lay down, hands stopped trembling came thoughts ...

Who was the person buried in the ground Glechik with the money? Why is he buried it? Why does no one dug? After analyzing the denominations of coins, their minting, location and fate of the village where we were lucky, the historical realities of the time I want to describe the artistic form possible version of events. Who knows? And suddenly, the way it was actually ... I'm making allowances for the fact that I am not a writer, is not familiar with the rules and forms of writing stories, well, respectively, please do not kick, I write as I can ... Enjoy your reading and viewing pictures and colleagues. < br /> p.s. It was over a year ago, so that part is sold, some donated to the museum, and a very small part of the low-value and left his collection. Bodies and willing to buy - please do not worry. (And so it went)
The treasure of the old Cossack

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It was in 1785 ... Otshumeli Kolіїvschina, scared to death of the Polish nobility and the Russian Empress for 10 years overgrown with grass and weeds territory of Zaporizhzhya Sich, which the troops of Catherine treacherously tricked captured and destroyed. Some of the Cossacks fled across the Danube, some dispersed throughout Ukraine.

And now, in the autumn of 1785, in a small, zeteryannom among impenetrable forests and swamps of Polesie village, there was a strange man. He was called Maxim. Become yes battle scars whether the Turkish scimitar, or the Polish saber, gave him a seasoned warrior, Cossack ... But the character he had a quiet, good-natured so quickly became the village of their own, bought an old hut at the edge of the village, survived it winter and spring began Acquires economy.

The money he had, so during the summer have been built and a new hut, and several barns. Since this village is famous for its cows, the Maxim and engaged in their cultivation. Meadow on the edge of the swamp gave enough hay for whatever things were going well and makes a profit.

So the years went by, everything has grown old Maxim also engaged in cows, and folded the money earned penny to penny, the ruble to the Russian ruble. He never married, he helped on the farm employees and everything went well. But one night in June 1803, during a terrible storm, lightning struck the neighbor's house ... The wooden house flared like a match, lit by a barn. All the village came running to put out the fire, but the roaring flame has left behind nothing ... At least the owner, his wife and many children had to jump out and escape.

Risen sun shone not happy picture ... Where there was a house and barn just smoldering embers, and jumped in what were the former owners of this house ... The family was prosperous, the money were available, but when from the ashes removed what was left of the strictly concealed, where he kept the money without They found nothing but oplavkov copper and silver. Overnight, people lost all that amassed many years. Villagers certainly helped rebuild the house before winter, but the money earned over the years, will not return ...

Thought grandfather Maxim ... After all, he is not immune from the kind, and he took the decision to protect themselves from the elements and from the dashing and people. He took it out of the secret places of their savings and lovingly packed in burlap, put in a clay Glechik. One gets the money, and he remembered ... That rubles, with the hated his profile Russian Empress, that the ruble to the profile of its predecessor, Peter, but this country is the biggest coin - Dutch thaler. These thalers in times Kolіїvschini paid for the murdered Jew or Lyaha ... Many of them were, at the time, my grandfather, but then who, in his youth, he thought about the future? And like a walk in the tavern, and at the fair to buy something. That was the last ...

Handful grandfather Raked hefty penny, not paying any attention that some of them were unfamiliar letters TM. And here recently received for his cows pyataks - koltseviki, brand new at all, did not have time to erase and dark. Glechik with their savings grandfather ruled as darkness fell on the outskirts of his garden and buried in a place known only to him. It took a few years, become very white mustache, and health began to fail an old Cossack. But the heart of a warrior and a strong physical work is helping to cheat death approaching. But in the summer, mowing the grass, my grandfather felt a sharp pain in his chest. He stuck scythe handle into the ground, sat down and closed his eyes.

Ran assistants found him already dead ... And before he could open a place where no one buried their savings. Knowing that his grandfather was not poor at home of course searched, but found nothing. His grandfather was buried and forgotten ...

Flew days floated months, years, time crept century ... and a terrible war did not spare the village and its inhabitants. Nothing is left at the place where once it stood. Only the old cards, so large clearing in the woods pointed out that here when the people lived. Exactly 210 years after the old Cossack buried his treasure, the two friends-mate, passionate search for antiquities, we decided to go to the place where once stood the village. We agreed to leave early in the morning. But for some reason I could not sleep, and the beginning of the third night, I went out to smoke on the porch. There is also another light was on him as I could not sleep.

It was decided to go without waiting for the morning. Wearing backpacks on the shoulders with the devices and shovels, saddled motorcycles and moved into place. Place starting dawn greeted us, the fog and the absolute silence, broken only by that of birds singing. Everything indicates that the day is sunny and hot.

Putting the motorcycle under the alders, sipping coffee, we gathered equipment and began to listen to the land. Ground Grandpa was kind to us that day, just as soon go the right signals, and for the first few centuries coins one after the other, were able to see the sunlight.

Stopped paying attention to dive from all sides of mosquitoes, we enthusiastically indulge his hobby. Another signal, deep, steady, on the last scale diskrima true ICQ, soft sand, easily discharged shovel, 20 cm., 40 cm, 60 cm 80 ... There is no purpose, but the device is already in the hands of breaks, giving trills and modulations so pleasant hearing ACE-water. Pin Point mode is activated - the goal near the bottom of the pit, a little on the side.

Movement shovel sideways crunch burst Glechik and ringing Sprinkle the bottom of the pit coins. Cries - Mother !!! Mother !!! Mother !!! Bl ... qb !!! GOLD !!! See !!! Nickle !!! Rubles !!! Probably scared away the birds in a radius of 3 km. Then, with trembling hands began to shovel the coins out of the pit and put into a pile when raked all another five minutes stupidly sat on the ground and looked at the pile, lighting another cigarette from the first is not yet extinct.

I do not know exactly how to describe this condition, but it is certainly not the greed and panic rather some sort of euphoria, a powerful adrenaline rush.

In this euphoria raked all the coins in a bag, but when you try to pick it up, remained in the hands of a pen, all the same total weight was about pounds.

Then I took off my jacket, and coins spilled on her, tied as they could and stuffed in a backpack. In the second unit, both backpack stuck with a shovel and rushed home. Why is digging Poteryashka usual that day did not want to.

The overall result was 297 different dimes Elizabeth and Catherine, and 27 silver coins of different denominations and years. Most "young" coins were in 1802.



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