Ant - house on three wheels from England (28 photos)

Ant - house on three wheels from England (28 photos).
Englishman Robert gathered motorhome from an old Soviet scooter "Ant».
Fasting is not mine, but really liked.

It looked like a scooter originally:

Once the bulkhead of the engine and gearbox, Robert started the chassis:

Strip rust and painted frame. It was:


Of course, if you find fault in terms of professional restoration, then, for example, with nuts he did not very well, but we must understand that everything works, Robert conducted independently and in full shortage of parts:

Painted at home:

Painted with acrylic paint is not normal, and pulp:


But the weakest point was the body. If items are still facing Robert restored, cutting the rotten areas, and new records vvarivaya instead of iron, with a body that it looked harder.

So he decided to do some extraordinary ...


Not just to restore the Soviet scooter, and make him a house project on three wheels!

He did it all by myself again, I must admit that his hands grow from the right place:

The plans to make a rented booth, that at any moment it was possible to establish a standard body.




Biography Tula my scooter ant in England

My Ant was imported by Neva (NEVAL) in 1981. They imported a small amount of scooters with open bodies and vans, but the exact number is unknown. Products of the company Neva (NEVAL) was our Soviet / Russian products were mostly heavy motorcycles with sidecars, such as Ural / Dnepr / Iz, as well as some light motorcycles and scooters Minsk Tula Engineering Plant.

Registered in the UK was sold to a small ant dairy companies in the city Leicestershire (or Leicestershire, Eng. Leicestershire) in 1982. It used as advertising, as well as to deliver milk. Unfortunately, the parts were not widespread. Therefore, after some time, and because of the damage arising from the scooter was abandoned. Ant has been put up for sale and sold to member COSSACK OWNERS CLUB (hell knows what it is, if translated literally, it is "Cossacks club owners" can someone explain exactly?). Man, to redeem a scooter, he lived in Salisbury (Salisbury), like me, he owned Russian motorcycles and used for conventional ant runs, as well as visited motofestivali, loading supplies for camping in the body. In 1990, the split piston. The guy was trying to find parts and reassemble the engine, but in the process, and only broke the pedal mechanism switching speeds. Ant was forgotten and thrown into his garden under a tree while in 2007, I did not see the scooter. I went to the guy to buy another bike. A small ant was very unusual, and I decided to keep it. Over a bottle of port, we agree on the price. Scooter all the time kept in the open air, sometimes rust had eaten through body parts, some parts already beyond repair, some just do not suffice.

The Internet has opened me access to many: spare parts on Ebay and internet forums rich technical information necessary for the restoration of the scooter. This includes help with spare parts and advice to me has Gessor (I mean I), big thanks to him :) The restoration could begin. Back in college, I gained some skills in the welding business. I cut out the rotten and completely rusted areas facing, instead of specially fabricated welded steel plates. The main parts of the scooter needed repairs bottom edge which completely rotted. During the restoration, I acquired a variety of skills: how tinsmith spent more than two days, only to restore the front wing. As I learned with the help of a compressor and spray gun to apply cellulose paint on old technology. Despite the fact that the process of restoration lasted 5 years, work has been spent about 1300 man-hours.

The idea to make a camper instead of the body has arisen because of a joke when my wife asked me what I would do with the ants, when it will be restored. And I just said that I wanted to make a camper to go along with it for the weekend (weekend stays). I had to decide how to implement this idea, given the weight and size of the structure. I must admit that I liked to solve this problem. The basic concept was taken from the 50s, like the POD trailers (as I understand it, this type) are towed behind the machine and which may alter the design. We had to think about how to make a camper watertight and how to increase the bed space. He was nominated and reach the size of 6 feet 1 inch x 4-foot (1.85 x 1.2 m). Time will tell how this will work. I hope that's okay, I've done something new and it's a little expand the functionality of a scooter. And the end result:

The door on the left when viewed from the direction of travel:

At the rear there is everything you need to grill / barbecue, that is a mini kitchen:



Obviously, people will not be able to sleep in such dimensions, so did Robert retractable sleeping part, she's probably serves as a table:

And it is within:




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