Modern Talking - 30 years.

Next year marks 30 years since the establishment of Modern Talking, so I decided to remind people of quality pop music)
IMHO there is now kind of music, so do not forget the story of the boys)
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Modern Talking - Germans from birth, played music in the style of Eurodisk and Europop. They have more than 160 million sold sound carriers and are the most commercially successful German musical formation. The duo formed in 1984 to perform and put out records from 1984 to 1987 to the collapse of the first. After 11 years, they reunited and continued performance, broke up in 2003. In the second half of the 1980s band Modern Talking was one of the most popular in the world. Nouveau made a great contribution to the development of music, especially in Russia. Until now, our pop milks modern talking.

The composition of the duo: Dieter Bohlen (born February 7, 1954 in Oldenburg) and Thomas Anders (real name Bernd Weidung, born March 1, 1963 in Münstermaifeld). Also in the '90s as part of the third party was present - an American rapper Eric XL Singleton (born November 6, 1968, in New York).
The story began with a duet track You're my heart you're my soul - the hit, released in September 1984. 40 thousand records sold daily in Germany alone. Initially, the single did not get a proper evaluation of students, and only after a speech in the program Formel Eins (21 January 1985), the duo became really popular: single ranked first, first in the German charts, and then in the European charts.
In March 1985 Modern Talking recorded the next hit - «You Can Win, If You Want», and later released their first album «The First Album», the main vocals which played Thomas Anders and only one song «There's Too Much Blue In Missing You »- the only one in the entire 20-year history of the duo - was recorded with the lead vocals of Dieter. The album was a huge success. In the well-known TV «Peter's Pop Show» in September 1985 the duo were presented with 75 "gold" and "platinum" discs. Outgoing records were sold in huge circulations. In October 1985, the duo pleases fans another hit - «Cheri, Cheri Lady» from the second album «Let's Talk About Love». The new record in the first two weeks in Germany rasprodaёtsya circulation of over 186,000 copies. Modern Talking is rapidly gaining a reputation around the world, but Dieter was not enough - he wanted to "take possession" of America and Great Britain, where there is always reluctantly accepted strangers, especially from Germany. However, in 1986, releasing an album called «Ready For Romance», which was attended by such hits as «Brother Louie» and «Atlantis Is Calling», they still fall within the British and Canadian charts. Equally popular was the next album and musicians under the name «In The Middle Of Nowhere» songs «Geronimo's Cadillac» and «Give Me Peace On Earth».

First there was the collapse of the group in 1986. The reason for the quarrel Dieter and Thomas was the disagreement on the issue of the composition of performance (both musicians had two of his backing vocalists). The press and public opinion were inclined to blame the collapse of Modern Talking is very energetic and ambitious wife of Anders, Nora Balling.

The group has existed for another year, until the expiry of the contract, has released two more albums («Romantic Warriors» and «In The Garden Of Venus») and in 1987 consenting participants broke up.

Modern Talking triumphantly returned to the pop scene in the spring of 1998, once again combining their efforts and releasing the album «Back For Good», consisting of dance remixes of old songs with the addition of four new songs: «I Will Follow You», «Do not Play With My Heart »,« We Take The Chance »,« Anything is Possible ». The album number 1 Hit Medley, collected from the popular songs of the duo. As a result of the sales, the album went four times platinum in Germany and has surpassed the platinum mark in some other European countries. The grand total world album sales totaled 26 million copies. These figures, contrary to expectations, have much higher success 80.

From 1999 to 2003, the duo released five new albums, three of which also broke the platinum mark. Unchanged was only a light style of modern dance music. Some of the songs were recorded with the participation of rapper Eric Singleton, so the duo had hoped to win the American audience. Dreams do not come true, and the presence of a third party in a duet occasionally cause a sharp negative reaction of fans of the "first wave". Songs with Eric be published until 2001, singles and videos. Some clips were made in two versions - with and without a rapper.



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