China - shot!

Since 2000, China shot about 10,000 officials

One Bulgarian site got interesting statistics on the subject of number of executions for corruption in China.

CROSS Agency reported that from 2000 to date in China shot up nearly 10 000 public officials guilty of corruption. At about the same time for about 120,000 were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment according to Chinese sources. Obviously, this is one of the reasons for the growing power of the country all over the world.


PS. Despite the constant buzz of the world community, the process is going, but of course it would be interesting to compare the data of such a draconian policy towards corrupt officials with real data on the state of corruption in the party and state apparatus, in order to draw conclusions about the ultimate effectiveness of mass executions of corrupt officials.
Well, of course, if approached with Chinese techniques to the corrupt officials from Russia, Ukraine and the Central Asian republics, the Stalinist repressions against the background of this, clearly seem somewhat insignificant.
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