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The post turned out to be extremely unpatriotic, as almost all of it all the multgeroya were born in capitalist America. And, unfortunately, there was almost no domestic multgeroya, apart, perhaps, from the wolf and the hare "Well, Wait" and all characters, "Buttermilk", which would have substantially evolved in appearance - from the inception to the last series.

Not to start a post with the banal and well-known example, that is the Bat Mickey, I suggest to see how altered his rival, rowdy and crazy Woody Woodpecker. Initially, the hero is much more like the royal woodpecker - a bird with which it was modeled. Over the years, a little repulsive appearance Woody became much more pleasant, but also the charm of it disappeared. And the series about Woody made after 1953, different flat and silly jokes, because they were already focused on children. The first series of pre-war Woody made for adults, and humor, I must say, was much more convincing. Woodpecker first appeared in a cartoon about Andy Panda back in the 1940s.

The next character is also feathered. This time our hero from the suite of Mickey Mouse - namely, grumpy duck Donald. In 1933-1934, when Donald first came, he was much more like a duck than in later cartoons. Topic Dolan we delicately omitted)

Garfield - brash, red and lazy cat. But even more brazen and bold, he was at the end of the 1970s, when only was born.

No less arrogant, but much trickier was the main rival of Mickey Mouse - Bunny Bugs Bunny. For the first time this eternal troll appeared in 1937, and then admittedly brash character is not very consistent with the appearance of small hare. But after a few years, Bugs has grown and gained a mild look and his trademark plastic.

It was the absolute antithesis of Mickey Mouse. Damn right. About him, too, must write. After all, he more than anyone else has evolved from a completely ordinary atropomorfnogo little rat in his underwear in a large black and pink creature in huge white gloves.

Heroes of the new time will certainly become the Ninja Turtles. Probably, many born in the 70-80 learned about the powerful reptiles after the show on the old television cartoon series "2x2" in the early 1990s. At the beginning of the bug did not look so powerful, both in comics and animated series, but even then they had a look purposeful and combat.


Well, not quite multpersonazh, but also the animated character. SuperMario who had a mustache before it became mainstream, and for decades saved eternally young princess from the army reptiles. Mario has always been loyal to his mustache and overalls.



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