Decorating bottles.

Yesterday I had to take their crazy hands crafts, at the request of a friend. I love all kinds of handicrafts and gifts hands in anticipation of the New Year, I decided to share with you, if someone - something useful.
Will be 14 pictures.

So, we need:
bottle of wine
PVA glue
paper towels (or napkins or toilet paper)
glue gun
piece lightning
gouache black and gold
acrylic lacquer
That's all. In time - long. Yesterday I washed it down for the evening.

So, glue gun glue coins

The second tier

Around coins glue zipper

Dilute PVA to "kefir" density

Soak the slices towels

And forming folds swathes bottle

All. Not only touch the neck.

Next we dry. If you have time, then leave for the night, if we do urgently, hair dryer to help us.
Dried black gouache paint bottle

Do not forget to paint in the folds

Already it is clear))) pieces of foam \ fleece lightly blotted out high areas gouache proudly positions itself "golden" (quietly whisper that I took the child common yellow, the same effect)

Cover acrylic lacquer. Gleamed, rascal!

Come to the conclusion that there is little money is stuck. More, more adhesive, said the husband. Naklela still azhno 30kop.

Tied a piece of wax on bichevke, put on the shelf until the morning.
I have everything.



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