10-ka interesting facts Part 2

Hi! Since the first theme facts gone into gold, but was seen kammentah "come again!" It was decided to continue. With your permission, I will begin.
Will be 10 photos and text.

1. The pilot of Formula 1 world champion of 2007 Kimi Raikkonen Finnish racing driver in an interview said that his first car was a Soviet "Lada", he found his father almost at the dump. After the car was repaired, Kimi was very fond of her and said that she almost broke down.

2. The famous McLaren F1 supercar for twelve years (1993 to 2005) belonged speed record among serial cars - 391 km / h. For the thermal insulation of the engine compartment and the inner surface of the bonnet was covered with pure gold - one of the best reflector of infrared radiation. Not surprisingly, the price of the car exceeds 1, 2 million dollars.

3. World's Tallest fines for traffic offenses are charged in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Firstly, because there is no upper limit of the fine, and secondly, they are calculated as a percentage of the latter reported income offender. The largest fine paid in the world 27-year-old Finn Jussi Salonoya, heir to a business empire in northern Europe. For exceeding the authorized speed of 40 km / h in 2004 to him a receipt for payment of 170,000 euros. However, an appeal to the District Court reduced the amount to 100 000 euros.

4. The Sicilian Francesco Lentini was born with three legs, two sets of genitals and 16 toes. His twin brother was not generated, and the brothers had a spine. The doctors refused to do the surgery because of the high risk of paralysis. So Frank has appeared with three legs. From his parents he refused, and he was brought up in an orphanage. But the guy did not lose heart. After emigrating to America, he learned to play football and ride a bike, and then sitting in a circus, immediately became famous. The audience it brought down the shaft. Especially I like when he coined the third leg of the soccer ball while walking on two legs. He married, raised four normal children, enjoyed enormous prestige and continued to work with many American circuses. He died in 1966, 77 years of age.

5. Cyanobacteria and actinobacteria living in the soil are responsible for the production of geosmin, an organic substance, which smells of the soil. It was felt the smell after a rain. How did unromantic chemistry ...

6. In the last selection was the fact of the beer flood now more sweet. January 15, 1919 in Boston was an accident, which killed 21 people. The city was flooded with molasses - a by-product of sugar production. On one of the distilleries destroyed a tank diameter of 27 meters and a height of over 15 meters with 8700 m3 of molasses. The result was a wave height of 4 meters, which was moving at the speed of an express train, flooding all the surrounding houses. People could not get out of the viscous fluid and died from suffocation. The cause of the disaster was the desire of the owners of waiting for the imminent introduction of Prohibition, to make as much alcohol.

7. During a campaign against Iran in 1387 Tamerlane offered to residents of the ancient capital - Isfahan to redeem his life and left the city tax collectors with a small detachment. However isfahantsy not willing to pay the ransom and night cut the garrison. Angered by Timur ordered to kill all the inhabitants. Each man had to bring a certain number of severed heads, who scored more than 70 thousand. The heads were digested in huge vats and skulls lined several pyramids. This terrible event is reflected in the famous painting by VV Vereshchagin "The Apotheosis of War».

8. During the struggle for independence from Spain, the Netherlands in the middle of the XVI century freedom fighters as a sign of contempt for the enemy, and ready to die (to be hanged) worn on the shoulder of the rope. That is the origin of the dress uniforms of many countries - knots.

9. In addition to the well-known psychological phenomenon of deja vu all, when a person thinks that this event has happened to him, there are two more, as described by the French-speaking terms: preskevyu and jamais vu. Preskevyu - a very common condition where a person forgets something he is well known, what we commonly call "spinning in the language." A jamais vu - an extremely rare condition, the antithesis of deja vu, when a person believes that he is in a situation for the first time, whereas it should be well known to him from previous experience. Jamais vu is usually a sign of a serious mental disorder.

And complete the selection of the sharks. Official statistics worldwide database of shark attacks each year totals 50-80 ISAF attacks on people, and the mortality rate is 13%, ie no more than 10 cases. At the same time, the annual catch of sharks is more than 100 million individuals.

Thanks to all. Finish!



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