16 cars smashed inadequate kids (20 pics + 3 videos)

Witness this hard pogrom in the yard, which made a fairly inadequate and drunk teenagers,
awakened by the constant squeaking keychain feedback signaling and loud cries in the street.
Looking out the window, the guy just numb from the shock - on the roof of his car jumped some improper "body┬╗.
Be sure to watch the video and read the sequel.

Tonight, at 4 am, I was awakened by the alarm key fob feedback.
Looking out the window at the parking lot at the mall Aviator (in front of the Comintern 11), I saw the body of improper,
jumping on the roof of a parked car.

The second took the camera and started shooting. Asleep, I did not even realize what was happening. Quickly assembled,
I jumped out and called the police outfit. While reached until his car, the two monster has moved into the yard.

One of them sat on the roof of Reno and the other stood in front of the phone. After resting, jerboa in a blue T-shirt
I started to jump on the roofs of cars from one to another, breaking mirrors, deflectors, taking the antenna on the roof. Ironically,
alarms on cars either did not have or was mute. Since this idiot was rather drunk and generally a full mattress,
he always crashed when landing on the roof of the car, resulting in the majority of machines the roof turned into a real bath.
Reaching the end of the row of parked cars, they have ensured that one of the alarms tripped and ran on,
a pioneer in the lake by jumping on the car standing on the road.

At this time I jumped into the car, surprisingly fast police came along, and we went to the lake pioneer,
where he found peacefully standing bastards. One of the policemen chased them, and I went with another interception on the other end of the lake.
As a result, one of the freaks was caught because I was not able to throw his carcass escaping through fences, installed around the lawn.
He shouted like a slut beaten while & quot; Do not kill me ... I do not want to die ... Why kill me, do not .. & quot; At this time,
published one of the tenants saw the second monster, fleeing into the yard. He was also caught and taken to a police car.
They began to collect affected residents. Freak in blue shirt sitting, shaking and stuttering in the backseat.
Second advokad switched-mode and do not want to talk. Lynch did not take place due to the presence of police officers,
Although attempts have been many times. In the end, it turned out to be 16 vehicles damaged. From sixes to Mazda and Opel two months,
which, unfortunately, even on the hull was not insured.
Morons all filmed on camera, even an escape from the police and were not smart enough to remove. As a result, the records were prepared and attached to the case.
Now solved the question of criminal proceedings. Materials are considered employees of the Internal Affairs 1otd Ramenskoye
and the staff of a children's room the police. I am glad that these creatures still detained. Otherwise, the tenants would only be found in the morning
the result of the race over the rooftops and find someone would not have been possible.
Parents who have left the country, who at some biker rally. Underage kids glut oneself of some wastes,
went for a walk and to arrange for Ramensky Destro Now both are in the office, and parents think where to get the money
(caused damage in the area 500000rub) Parents Elinova were quite adequate. We arrived from the countryside. Did not swing right.
Their son sitting in the room and sang songs, in my opinion did not understand the seriousness of what is happening.
He obviously was not familiar with the concept of "complicity" and was confident of their impunity.
After taking statements from the victims, the investigator went to the place that gave all the damage
and promised to call back the other day to tell in which direction it going. They said,
that threatens them with criminal liability. We are waiting for the decision to initiate proceedings is 3-10 days.
Does anyone have experience in similar situations? I would like to hear the views of how best to proceed.


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