Right to read the right to work, the right to play

Right to read the right to work, the right to play

I pulled up manufacturers' results of intellectual activity. " All your rights violated! And my right who will defend? Yes, my rights as a consumer of the results of your activities. You would not answer, did not compensate, and to ensure respect for you invented limitations. So, gentlemen, copyright holders! While you will not turn your face to the laws of the client, nothing will come of it. Scare the court is not necessary - I am a lawyer and I know how to scratch are civil cases of copyright. And the statistics of criminal cases in the region in general, no, not a single case in the last year is not transferred to the court. Appeal to the conscience? Cry on hard work? Let's see.

Ten years ago my wife and I decided to go to Blockbuster. Critic Reviews - enthusiastic reviews have looked on the Internet - too bad. Come on. So what? And silent horror. The stamp on the stamp and stamp chases. There is drama in the whole movie, and in the hall - laughter! Well, it is impossible to react differently the next moment of farewell to the hero dies at the hands of his friend, after which the villains begin to suffer a decisive defeat, although a moment ago almost won. After leaving the theater I went to the nearest store and bought a disc of "The Last action hero," Schwarzenegger - wanted neighing on. For the deceived expectation of money, of course, no one will return, on TV talking aggressive advertising. I tried to leave a negative review of one of the thematic sites - not published.

Suffice it fashionable and advertised writer produces a cycle of books. Not bad, interesting, but the last book he breaks down by as much as four volumes, one of which more than half is dedicated to paraphrase another book by this author. The first two volumes I honestly bought, the rest - at least be honest downloaded.

The notebook was Windows XP. Licensing. It was only until such time as the anti-virus license blew boot files. Who is responsible? Yes anybody. Read the license agreement. System Restore has given nothing, reinstall encountered could not be activated. Call the telephone number on the screen to nothing resulted. The answering machine was silent, and the officer who took the phone, said that the activation of the phone for the copy is not possible, why not pass automatically through the Internet - not explained. As a result of that? In the end, I took a "crack." In the end, the money for the OSes company received from me.

Another licensed programm. After the next official update stopped running. Rolling back the changes can not answer technical support came from two weeks in English, "We work, wait." The problem was solved in six months, the relevance of this decision has already been lost as I with a clear conscience on the basis of paragraph 1 of Article 1280 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation carried out the adaptation of the program to work on their technical means by injecting the modified file program.

Buy the program with electronic delivery. Before downloading the application, you must install the download manager magazine - a curve that does not support resuming working correctly. Complaints to the store to nothing lead, pumping his manager is not given, the money returned refused because, according to them, the download was. Spit, I shake Ineta kryaknuta version.

I saw a friend's toy. Cool graphics, interesting gameplay, that's just the plot is not all clear, since this pirate rough translation. I go to the store, I buy my license. And I can not deliver, because the driver of copy protection does not take my disc drive! He spat once downloaded noCD.

When he was absent, the teacher recommended textbook in two parts. The problem is that you can buy separately only the first and the second set is sold only in a multi-volume reference book. And what do I need to pay for the seven books, if I only use two? In an Internet problem is known, the book has long been scanned. First I bought a second downloaded.

Holders of exclusive rights! You want to make the way you want, spit on the clientele, not to monitor the quality of their products, making several times to pay for the same thing, without organizing support. It will not work, ladies and gentlemen, and the laws will not help. Note: the law, which does not cause awareness in society, does not work.



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