Programmers - Funny

Programmers by making the customer site is fun watching (what the customer is and does not know).

And some sites are quite large and well-known companies!

Click tea

click on the nose reindeer in the upper right corner

We click three times on the fisherman on the boat

Wait until the display shows "lawn" and click on the little man with a sickle (sickle on himself)

click on "How to get" immediately afterwards "how to get" immediately after
this logo on the fireplaces in the diagram, the red machine and look

click on the aircraft

move the cursor to the top left nosed man near the numbers 559

Click on the banner on the moon five times.

Click on the logo on the tongue Beaver

The girl, who left in the hands of the board. It is necessary to poke a mouse in the board several times.


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