Cyber ​​flowers

Please recycle the old "iron».

I have already shown robots will soon show their continuation, and yet - kibertsvety. Old computer hardware is still full, and here is an example of its utilization.
Will 8 photos and some text.

those who judged the HDD, surely learned wheels at the bottom. Rays - contact strips expansion cards brought a whetstone, the leaves were cut from the mainboard, HDD controller cards and so on. In the center of a sunflower concentric coil from floppy.

On the basis of the color wheel from very old HDD, they are longer, thicker and noticeably different in color. These hands hold nicely.

Well, the coil from any drives, transistors and capacitors from all boards.

Variation on what to do with a bunch of blue and yellow capacitors.

slightly different angle.

this one ended yesterday, though not a very good photo, but oh no photographer from me, Sirri.

And the last. From this humble tree and started my flowers.

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everything can kick.

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