Who was sent to the Japanese sea?

February 22, 1803, several Japanese fishermen from the province of Hitachi found drifting on the shore of "ship" is very strange shape. Out of curiosity they decided to explore it and climbed aboard.

Mysterious piece of plate was about 330 cm tall and 540 cm wide and shaped like a censer fishermen.

The upper part of gleaming red lacquer and was made like rosewood. A lower part covered with copper plates, as if to protect against sharp rocks.

Upper windows were made of glass or some crystals, which were covered with something like a tree resin. Nevertheless, the windows were so transparent, that fishermen could look inside. And there! The entire interior was painted inscriptions in an unknown language.

Fishermen were not afraid and went inside Utsuro-bune (so they dubbed the mysterious ship). There they found two sheets, a bottle of water (about 3, 6 liters), several cakes and meat pate.

And then saw the brave and the very owner of the ship - a beautiful girl of 18 years. She had red hair and eyebrows, with her hair had been artificially lengthened by some white threads. She was dressed in a long robe of a very beautiful fabric unprecedented.

In all pictures painted box. Well me very interested in its contents.

4 will be pictures and some text.

The stranger smiled warmly and tried to say something, but no one did not understand. In addition, she always cuddle a small box, to which no one gave a touch.

In the end, deadpan Japanese fishermen stranger sent back to sea and do their own thing.

Until now, historians are wondering what was the meeting? An alien or a resident of the depths? They say that UFOs appear out of the Bermuda Triangle. At the same latitude nedoleko from Japan is his twin brother, called "triangle of the Dragon." Can Utsuro-bune came out?

One way or another, but in the Japanese chronicles «Hyouryuukishuu» there are a lot of images and object and women.




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