Slept after the publication of the photos on Facebook

Gang that stole a number of expensive cars belonging to the richest people in London, caught after the publication of the photos on Facebook, including one where the criminals make a sandwich out of money.

Gang of eight men stole nine vehicles such as: BMW, Range Rover, Porsche and Mercedes, plus jewelry, phones and laptops during 15 separate burglaries.

The police finally catch criminals after one of the gang members posted a photograph on Facebook, which was caught, he was sitting on the hood of a stolen black Range Rover. Two other members of the gang were depicted with a stolen car Mercedes AMG C63 worth 100,000 pounds.

As a result, seven gang members pleaded guilty to theft and eight members of the group denies any involvement in a plot to steal cars, but was convicted by a jury.

One of the car, which was found and returned to the owner, the gang tried to steal again, using the key reprogrammed. Their attempt was spotted by the owner of the car that was trying to catch the thieves.


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