A touching story of two brothers from Norway

The story began when I heard about the two elderly brothers living together in Tessandene (Tessanden), a tiny settlement near Vågå commune (Vågå) in the agricultural region of central Norway, a Norwegian photographer Elin -rasskazyvaet Hoylend (Elin Høyland). - The first time I met them at a local store, where they were chosen each week. When I arrived, they went out of doors with huge backpacks stuffed with food.

So Hoyland met with Harald and Mathias Ramen - two brothers, 75-and 80-year-old, who always lived in the same small farm where they were born. Although to a certain point, they shared a home with his parents and brothers and sisters, brothers eventually left together. None of them had never married.


Intrigued by the fact that in a rapidly changing Norway still remain the places where people live is so simple and isolated life, Hoyland decided to capture the life of ramen in the photos. She called the series "Brothers».


They measured the rustic lifestyle was built simply and predictably. "They chopped wood, hauled wood and burning wood - says Hoyland. - They also passionately interested in ornithology, and at least twice a day filled trough twenty birdhouse, behind which were followed. In his spare time, they listened to the radio or read your local newspaper. In the 60's and Mathias Harald for one month rented a TV, but then returned, deciding that it takes too much time ».


Black-and-white photos Hoyland filled with a sense of peace, but at the same time - the strength and vitality that radiates inseparable brothers in the same knitted sweater and ski cap, bird watching, sitting on the bed in the bedroom ascetic, staring straight into the camera lens. They show two lives - very closed, but so tightly entwined with each other, it seems that they belong to a different, dreamlike reality.


The most touching and sad, part of the series - a triptych with dormitory Harald and Mathias. In the first photo the two brothers are sitting on their beds. The second, made after the death of Harald - only Mathias. In the last picture the two empty beds.






Over the years, a person's face becomes particularly expressive, it "emerges" in nature and "printed" experience. Therefore, the elderly are becoming models for artists and photographers often as young and perfect.


Source: www.kulturologia.ru


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