What's inside the ATM (7 photos)

None of us did not surprise cash machine (ATM). Even older people gradually become accustomed to the device and your pension are able to somehow pull off. But above all - ATM - this is an extremely interesting thing from a technical and organizational point of view. Even the employees of banking institutions (including those related to payment cards) are not always imagine the subtlety of his work. In a past life I have a lot of years has been linked to payment cards and ATMs. I've warmed him and a hairdryer, and pluck out the pieces of mouse blood cancer, stuck in an embrace with the bills. Even slept under the control of one of the ATMs. Twice. So share some, in my opinion, interesting technical nuances of the ATM.

40 bills

ATM gives out no more than 40 notes at a time. It is connected by the feeder. Therefore - taking money from an ATM - if it displays on the screen "in the presence of 50 denominations, 200" - and you need to remove a large amount - immediately you can estimate how much money the most ATMs can give you. If you try to enter more than 40 banknotes - ATM think and refuse. And you'll be wondering why.

30 seconds

Interval response for each operation, after the action of the customer shall not exceed 30 seconds. This requirement of international payment systems. The customer has a card - you can think of 29 seconds to answer. I select menu item - you might think again. And so on. Previously, when the connection was not very good - it was an important moment. Now - this is easier.

White Card supervisor

Yes - it is this. There is every ATM in the kit. As usual card - also has a PIN-code and expiration date.
It may be suitable for other ATMs. Here detailed details can not tell - I accidentally from one ATM card used for another of its ATM and it worked - so it should be, or it works within a single PC (processing center) - I do not know. We had probably go to the ATM of another bank check. But it was reluctant to sit.

So - the card is required for the collection / ATM Audit and certain technical functions - you can give any number of notes from the cassettes, pootkryvali door extradition blinked indicators and displays, etc. Three times the wrong code is entered on the map - it is blocked until the next day.


Besides the "system unit" (let's call it so) in the keypad of the ATM, to block the card reader and display have their brains. You can not just pick up and connect the parts of one ATM to another. When you connect the new devices required to enter cryptographic 3DES-keys. They are recorded in the connected devices and allows them to work with that particular ATM. Keys are 2 envelopes (as envelopes PIN-code to conventional cards) which are a sequence of digits. Two people get on the envelope and enter keys.

Cash tapes

The ATM usually 4-6 cassettes bills. The cassette is placed ~ 2.5 thousand banknotes. Each cassette is configured for a specific bill. Therefore, even if the collection of ATM cassettes confused sometimes - still chip in the cassette - will not allow to give out money. The downside - if the cassette twenties download silver coins - that (with a fair share of luck - if the characteristics of banknotes more or less similar) will start issuing ATM larger denomination bills. Cashier ATM zav.kassoy just can shell and cover the shortfall. Sometimes it happens ...

Magazine culling

Glued bills, bills that do not like for one reason or another ATM, as well as the money that you have not taken out of the slit of issue - culls recline in the drawer. In size it is less than twice the standard.

ATMs can be cold

Street ATM is 100% waterproof. However, it is sensitive to the cold. In the early models of ATM was not a package "Russian Winter", and the heating elements so that when the court of the temperature drops below 10-15 degrees (below zero) - ATM started to act up. Especially true - when the ATM is in the window and his front (inside) of the fact, too, rests in the window and freeze. ATM may not be included, since Diagnosis is outraged and demands heat for ATM (hostess note: to run the required ATM at this time blowing a hairdryer at a temperature sensor). It can not operate the mechanism for issuing money and other amenities.

Seized cards

The people leave their ATM cards. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes - is entered incorrectly three times the PIN-code, sometimes - you withdraw money, lost power - ATM off, as if all ... more by choice - stand much as you can and wait for your card (which is typical when the supply voltage - will leave out - and if it's not you - then someone will pick up, if you have time), or go home, and then will take an ATM card to himself. For cards are often not addressed. In just a few years, we have collected a hefty collection of cards of different banks. Including Foreign.

Older ATM

In Ukraine, in 2002-2004 brought a lot of used ATM in Europe / USA. Here they brought in the divine form, making maintenance and selling banks. They were about 8-12 times less (5.8 thousand dollars) of new advanced ATMs (80-110 thousand dollars). They worked, frankly, lousy, but because card business still in its infancy and incomes were low (ATMs are placed not for its customers and for other people) - new ATM in the required amounts could not afford all the banks. So we put that cheap. On the ATM were old CRT monitors with faded emblems of European banks (the previous owners). Kosher operating system for ATMs that time - OS / 2.

Safe ATM

In it are stored cassette tape with money and culling. It is a usually a safe with a key and turning the wheel. Code wheels need to be changed regularly. Very frustrating, when you change the code and close the door, you know that the code is not suitable and safe is not opened.


The printer uses the matrix (older models ATM) systems and thermal printers. Paper tape for checks - rolls. Usually 2-5 thousand checks on the reel. The problem of matrix - legkovat find cartridges. The problem of thermal printers - when it's cold and you greesh hairdryer ATM - if you get a stream of air on the tape checks - will be a black belt.


Winter. ATM was in the bank, but later an empty room and stood facing the window. Cold. Mouse found a loophole (in ATM are many of them - supply cables) and climbed inside to warm up. As a result, the money supply mechanism pressed her heart. I was there because ATMs stopped working and rejection of the tape stuck in blood money. We had to dismantle half the ATM - to get what is left of the mouse and three torn bills. She died a hero's death, but was in the money.

As an added bonus. Configuring an old NCR ATM 5684 (for an understanding of components):


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