Interesting facts about feline intuition

In the assembly of gods worshiped in ancient Egypt, was the goddess Bast, the sister of Ra, a woman with a cat's head, also called the Mother cats. Bast supervised center, procreation, fertility, joy, sexual rituals, music and dance, protect against disease and evil spirits. She had a special gift - intuition. It turns out that at least a few thousand years ago, people knew that the cat "something wrong┬╗?

In April 1906, a cat who lived in San Francisco, both domestic and street, surprised people. Excitedly meowing, with very disheveled hair, they anxiously ran or hid in a secluded place, many rushed to drag somewhere her kittens, some even disappeared for a few days ... And on April 18, the city was a blow a devastating earthquake that killed at least three thousand people .

What is it - intuition? Or special senses? Judge for yourself. Cat, like man, has the vomeronasal organ or Jacobson's organ associated with the olfactory system. But he, unlike the person much more sensitive to the molecular composition of the air. Add hypersensitive to it's feet, sensing the slightest vibration of the earth, and unusually acute hearing, which differ not only waves in the ultrasonic range, but also fluctuations in the magnetic field. It turns out a kind of "early warning system┬╗.

Why such a strong intuition cat? The answer is very simple: to survive. In the evolution of living beings, not having other advantages over the more powerful competitors, acquired the ability to camouflage and intuitive complex, allowing to predict the possible danger. Less fortunate instances permanently dropped out, and they are now rarely found as fossils. A cat, these small predators survived. To the delight of koshkolyubam all over the world.

That's what this would be like. When a storm is approaching, she drives to a wave of electrified air. Ozone molecules penetrate into the human body to form certain chemicals, causing painful discomfort of hypersensitive people. Perhaps, too, the cat feel something similar to the exceptional occurrences.

How else to explain the fact that during the Battle of Britain British cat gets nervous for a few minutes before the announcement of the air-raid?

There are numerous stories about cats being taken away far from home, always find a way to it. Okay, stories stories - but a serious scientific experiment, delivered in 1922. Scientist drove cats, wrapped in a blanket, in a boat on the lake, so that was not visible shore and swam for a while here and there, disorienting animals. Then it releases cats - and they always sat in the boat, looking toward the house!

It is impossible to explain yet another fact, when the cat sat in front of the phone for a minute before her father was called home owner. Half an hour before his return she would sit in front of the entrance door. One might immediately assume that punctual man and calls, and returns home at the same time ... But the trip was not a regular!

However, a number of cases can be explained by the high susceptibility of cats - for example, to smells. One woman recalled that when she was a teenager, her stepfather often went "left". And when he did this morning showed in one of his sneakers stuffed cat dead mouse! Such was the reaction of the animal to that of men, according to the opinion of the feline, unbearable smell strange woman.

Nor is intuition excellent memory Murka or Murzik on a sequence of actions host or hostess, to be held after a pleasant / unpleasant event for him. For many people, the intention to go to the kitchen and pour in the cat food bowl is poured into a small ritual. Cat immediately understands everything and runs headlong into the kitchen, happily meowing. And when, say, you want to bring it to the country, where bred mouse and the cat to tolerate hate to go by car (a lot of stress for him, by the way) ... Just try to lure him out from under the couch!

Amazing facts about cats - a lot. But not all of them are evidence of her brilliant intuition, and especially telepathy. On the other hand, cats, their behavior sometimes baffled not only to their owners, but also serious scientists. And for that we love them, too!


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