Fat cat knows what's what

Say what you like, and a fat cat to be perfect. You sleep till evening -hozyaeva are touched, rolled from side to side - all are touched, scored the extra 10 kg - all continue to be touched. Under the cut you'll learn a few advantages to be the master of thick and very thick cats and dogs. The thicker they are, the more they resemble plush toys. "This is my twin brother?»

Lying on his side, they resemble the masters of seduction. Got something to envy, because no one thick creature can not look so elegant and sophisticated.

Looking at them, you realize that all is not lost, and maybe you still vlezesh into their skinny jeans.

Fat cats are always happy to look with you TV set.

Their belly fat - is the prettiest of the fact that you have ever seen.

Fat cats like to try to climb up to where it is difficult to climb. Moreover, in most cases they do it.

If they flip, they look like this. How can you keep from laughing?

In a seated position, they look like this. No neck or any other parts of the body. Only the ball.

And if you wear them anything, they are even more fun. It sits like a glove.

Okay, panties bust. Although ...

Tolstokoty often get stuck. But they have been reluctant to call for help - trying to get out themselves.

Sometimes they are so massive that they could be mistaken for a Christmas tree.

Good cat should be a lot? In winter, you can warm up with him.

Sitting on his thick popah, they look like this.

A sprawling on the floor, they expose their belly fat show. Why fat people can not be so cute?

There is nothing funnier than watching, as they try to wash themselves.

And old clothes is not the time. T-shirt in no time turned into topics.

If you are not able to eat up to order a pizza, tolstokoty happy to help. Although, at times, they try to eat it all themselves. Consider yourself lucky if you have time to grab yourself at least a piece.

They are really trying to squeeze into the narrow thing. Tolstokot in the box - it's much funnier than a cat in a box.

They motivate you to sleep more. They sleep 23 hours a day, and looking at them, and I want to lie down next.

And if they will spread strong enough, they can even become famous.

They quickly get tired, and it's fun to watch.

Their priests are large, round and incredibly funny.

From tolstokotov may even turn superheroes.

but also with a sense of humor tolstokotov okay. "I look fat, this T-shirt?»


Source: gorini44.livejournal.com


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