Fire in Krasnoyarsk

The words of the author: I am working in Krasnoyarsk - studio "FotoYarsk" Yesterday, March 18 at the door suddenly lit up the urn. I felt the smoke came out on the porch ... come back for water and poured fire sat down to work on ... but the smell of smoke was still intensifying. Again came to the porch. Spreads smoke blown out of the corner of the building. I passed him ... and ran into the studio for the camera.

That's what I took the first
Firefighters were deciding how to save grandmother with pyatiogo floor

Tried to get her on the fire escape

It became clear that it is impossible

Then she was given a helmet, wearing self-contained breathing apparatus and were led by a smoky stairwell

Fire shouts to filed jacket

Wraps grandmother ...

And priobnimaet her: "Now everything will be fine!ยป

Firefighters work Fota

All ...

Including yourself MChSniki

Fighter fire brigade is going to go to the smoky entrance

Cut off from the exit of residents evacuated via stairs

Girl on the third floor

Pulled back a little smile - if all this is not it ...

Fire osedlyvaet balcony, ready to help the girl to climb over it

The descent began

And on the next balcony tenants waiting for their turn ...

Ubiquitous rebyatnya straddled children's slides

Nobody nobody rides - although cars arrived at least 7

The audience very much - as is usually the case in the fires

Meanwhile, the evacuation of the girls from the fourth floor

Despise all slowly, constantly insuring

A little more ...

And in the arms of my mother!

Machines continue to arrive

Including - and resuscitation

It turns out that the apartment someone was

Firefighters go into smoke

They found an old man who has lost his creation in the smoke. Pulled him out. on hand was told to "fast" ... But then I learned the news that could not be saved. So I will not post pictures - even such. where no one can see his face.

Coming out of a burning building, fire immediately skinned breathing apparatus

All wet, tired ...

Very tired ...

Water on the fire is never too much ...

Water fire brought a bottle

Hard work ...

Fire break out a window on the first floor in search of tenants

Comes gas inspection - is gasified house and we're all ... on a powder keg

Disaster medicine specialists arrived

Police arrived and began inspection of entrances in nearby buildings

The house continues to burn. The fire is very strange - lit basement and one apartment on the fourth.
Since the basement proved a through smoke cut output from two entrances

Had time to run out tenants stands barefoot on a bench

And the other fire victims sit on a bench in the yard ...

Clutching the most valuable thing that managed to grab home

Once saved the tenant happily limped off from the fire escape

Basement actively shed water

Small respite

So, you can drink water

And see how the fire began to subside

Firefighters acted clearly, consistently and quickly
And the fire retreated
But journalists have started

And it seems they do not really like him ...

Work ends
By the basement window put exhauster

Firefighters disagree on machines

And as if to go into the sunset ...

Author: kraeved




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