Making light of cucumber at home

Instructions on how to make pickles from the bulb with your hands :)
Please do not check it out for yourself if you do not own skills and knowledge in electronics.

Things that we need:
 - Pickled cucumber;
 - The power cord;
 - Thick copper wire with a good cross-section;
 - It is desirable to have as clamps for wires, but can do without them.

1. Think twice before this experiment and try not to inflict self-injury shock.
(Availability of knowledge of electronics ALWAYS!)
2. Prepare the power cord.
3. Connect the wires to the terminals.
4. Cut and paste the two pieces of copper wire in different parts of cucumber
5. Connect the clamps to the copper terminations sticking out of cucumber
6. Plug in.
7. It takes 10-15 seconds to cucumber warmed up.
8. The lamp is ready!

For highly curious: cucumber lights as it is burning sodium.
Huge request: try not to kill yourself;)


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