Project 941 - Shark Cruiser (photos + video)

The construction of submarines of Project 941 "Akula" (International Classification "Typhoon") was a sort of reprisal for the US construction of nuclear missile submarines of the "Ohio", armed with 24 intercontinental ballistic missiles. In the USSR, the development of the new ship began to engage Americans later, so the design and construction were almost parallel.

"The objective was a difficult technical challenge - to place on board the 24 missiles weighing nearly 100 tons each - says Chief Designer projects CDB ME" Rubin "SN Kovalev. - After many elaborations missiles, it was decided to place the two pressure hulls. Analogues of such a solution in the world is. " "This boat can be built only Sevmash", - says the head of the Ministry of Defence AF Helmets. Construction of the ship was carried out in the large hangar - the shop 55, which was led by IL Kamai. We used a new technology of construction - aggregate-modular method, which significantly reduce the time. Now this method is used throughout, and submarine and surface ship building, but at that time it was a major technological breakthrough.

As a result, the ship was built in record time - 5 years. For a small number of huge work of all staff of the enterprise and its many suppliers. "Construction of the submarine provided more than a thousand companies across the country - says AI Makarenko, while the Chief Engineer of Sevmash. - Our "Shark" was ready a year before the American "Ohio." Naturally, the government appreciated the merits of participants in the creation of this unique ship. " Anatoly Antonov order of the Minister of the shipbuilding industry has been appointed personally responsible for the construction. For the creation of nuclear submarines of Project 941 AI Makarenko and assemblers PCB AT Maximov was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. Responsible deliverer AS Belopol'skaya awarded the Lenin Prize, NG Orlov, VA Borodin, LA Samoilova, SV Pantyushin, AA Fishevu - State Prize. 1,219 employees were awarded orders and medals. Among the distinguished department heads GA Rules, AP Monogarov, AM Budnichenko, VV Skaloban, VM Rozhkov, chief specialist MI Shepurev, FN Shusharin, AV Rynkovich.

In September 1980, an unusually high altitude nuclear submarines with a nine-house and a length of nearly two football fields for the first time touched the water. Delight, joy, fatigue - the participants of the event experienced different feelings, but all united by one thing - pride in the great common cause. Mooring and sea trials were carried out in record time for the Premier League this project. And in this great merit acceptance team of excellent experts like GD Pavlyuk, AZ Elimelah, AZ Reichlin, and personnel of the ship under the command of Captain I rank AV Olkhovikova. Despite the tight deadlines construction and testing of the newest submarine, there were situations when engineers needed by the urgent development of new design solutions. "As you know, the outer hull is covered with a thick layer of rubber - continues Anatoly Antonov. - At the "Shark" each sheet weighed 100 kilograms and the total weight of rubber glued - 800 tons. When the first boat out to sea, part of the cover has come off. I had to quickly invent new technological methods of gluing ».
The ship has adopted the first domestic solid rocket complex D-19. In a series of head cruiser, which later received the name "Dmitry Donskoy", it conducted a large number of missile launches. "The program is an extended test missile was more than rich, - says the former commander of CU-5 Captain I rank VV Kise. - The tests took place not only in the White Sea, and the North Pole. During missile firings were not bounce in the art. Everything was very reliable ».

After ten years of operation, the world's largest nuclear-powered submarine was raised on the slipway for the average repair. It was a difficult task in terms of radiation and fire safety, as the shop stocks before Sevmash submarines are not repaired. After an average repair and replacement of a number of complexes in May 2002 "Dmitry Donskoy" was removed from the shop. This date is considered the birth of the second ship. Stacking the work and findings of the ship led the deputy chief of department MA Abizhanov and acceptance actions of the team on the ship - mechanic GA Laptev. "Now the factory running successfully pass the test, state test various weapon systems. "Dmitry Donskoy" is unique in terms of maneuverability and handling characteristics - proudly says the commander of submarine captain I rank AY Romanov. - This Order stunning combat capabilities. This is the fastest of all the ships of the series, on two sites exceeded the previous speed record project 941. Successful testing of the ship is largely due to the responsible deliverer EV Slobodyan, Vice-AV Larin and V. Semushina and, of course, the crew submarine, experts in their field commander fighting electromechanical parts captain II rank AV Prokopenko, commander of the battle navigator Captain Lieutenant VV Sankova, commander of the battle due III capital rank AR Shuvalov, and many others. "

The ship, like people, have their own destiny. This cruiser proudly bears the name of the great Russian soldier, Prince of Moscow and Vladimir Dmitry Donskoy. As they say themselves divers, ship them safe and happy. "Now the fate of the nuclear-powered submarine is clear - says SN Kovalev. - This submarine will be for a long time the most powerful ship of the Navy. Today is a good occasion to congratulate all the designers who designed this boat, Sevmash, which it built, many other companies that participated in its creation, and, of course, the Royal Navy on the anniversary of a remarkable ship. "

25 years faithfully serve "Dmitry Donskoy" homeland. Changing the crew, commissioning team, but for all the family cruiser is. Today, the ship, like a quarter of a century ago, the first - it is at the forefront of testing new naval missile technology. Happy Anniversary and Happy sailing to you, "Dmitry Donskoy»!


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