Mysterious circles on the deepest lake in the world (6 photos)

MODIS and from the ISS, scientists were able to capture the mysterious water circles on Lake Baikal.

These two circles are the focal points for breaking the ice and can be caused by the rise of the warm waters of the lake. Tanned circles is due to thinning of the ice, which usually stays until June. The rise of warm water should not seem something strange in some relatively shallow areas of lakes (example) where hydrothermal activity was noted. For example, when a circle is formed in the center of the lake (see. Photo below). These circles have been observed in 1985 and 1994, although they were not as pronounced. However, the location of the circle near the southern end of the lake (pictured above), where the water is relatively deep and cold is puzzling.


Lake Baikal itself is an interesting subject for discussion. It is the largest in terms of freshwater and deepest (maximum depth of 1637 meters) and one of the oldest lakes in the past 25 million. Years. The photo above was received by astronauts to the ISS. The photo below was obtained with







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