Innovator of the City Council

Secretary Sumy City Council, head of the city organization of the Party of Regions Alexei Movchan suggested way to deal with pigeons on one of the city streets.

The plan is to intoxicate birds with alcohol, and then take them "somewhereĀ».
Movchan is among other things the acting deputy mayor and head of the local organization of the Party of Regions.
His views on the pigeons Movchan, according to the newspaper, said at the working meeting in the City Hall on July 23. "Soon the City Day, and we have around the monument to Shevchenko, you know what layer of the pigeons" - he said, referring to the representative of the district administration Svetlana Karpova.
"Let's feed them bread soaked in wine, - he explained his plan. - Then take out somewhere, and the next day they wake up. " Karpov's response suggested that it is inhumane.
Was the proposal by the representative of the city administration finally approved, is not specified.
To scare away pigeons from monuments and other objects, using various techniques. Practices, in particular, broadcast recordings with the voices of birds of prey, according to
News of the innovative proposals Alexei Movchan reprinted leading Ukrainian mass media and posted it on their websites. Through his own initiative, the secretary of the Sumy city council has become famous even in the expanses of Russia.


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