Funny Chinese in Pictures

In general, the Chinese - language unique. No other language will not pass one symbol sea of ​​feelings, so an accurate description of the situation, a deep understanding of all the issues, etc.
For example, as reflected in hieroglyphs relationship between a man and a woman.
To begin with - the basic characters "man" and "woman»

What is the character for "man"? Two elements - the "field" and "force". All very logical and understandable.
A man working in the field, produces food.

And if our characters are two women together?
That's right, no good will it is certainly not ...

And if women are more than two? Then begins the chaos, devastation and anarchy. Well, or unbridled vesele-)

And when everything is in order?
But when a woman in the right place.
Meet the hieroglyph "house».
Built of wood. The woman is under the "food". Everything is wonderful.

If a woman is with child - it's all great ...

The significance of these two characters, I will not tell you. Guess samostoyatelno-)
The values, if someone does not believe you can look at (Great Sino-Russian dictionary). List of used characters:

Still, there are hieroglyphs in any sense. Secret knowledge to them-)



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