Aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway

The aircraft carrier USS Midway called is located in San Diego, California. It is the first heavy American aircraft carrier and was built immediately after World War II soldiers in 1946 and until 1992 was in service with the US Navy.

View from the top of the ship.

Over 47 years of service, he was involved in almost all the world's conflicts, including the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War and "Operation Desert Storm».

In 2004, the aircraft carrier was converted into a museum and is moored in the city center. Today, it takes on board many tourists.

Previously, I have seen such ships in the port of Norfolk, North Carolina, though from afar. Length "Midway" 296 meters, displacement of 64, 000 tons. Diesel engine with four turbines, ship accelerates to 60 km / h. Able to carry up to 60 combat aircraft and helicopters. Maintained by a team of 4, 104 people. The deck is a mini-airport with runways. Initially, the band was one, but in 1965 karabl modernized and made a V-shaped runway.

The aircraft carrier has three basic levels: at the top are Command Tower and Flight December. This is where you take off and landing aircraft, as well as control over the airspace.

The next level is the hangars for aircraft storage, workshops, cabins, offices. Planes on deck by elevators.

At the lowest level are located the engine room and various technical compartments.

The ship is so huge that its full inspection takes several days. We will visit the upper deck, where the Museum of the Marine and the US carrier-based aircraft 1950-1990h's, visit the Command Module and technical areas of the ship.

Strategic bomber A-3 Skywarrior. Withdrawn from service in 1991 after a 41-year service life.

F-14 Tomcat, best known for the movie "Top Gun»

Fighter F / A 18 Hornet still regularly carries service.



Fighter F4 Phantom. Was used in the Vietnam War.

Fighter F4 Phantom II, later.

A-6 Intruder - aircraft support.

Helicopter SH-2 Seasprite used mainly for maintenance of an aircraft carrier and delivery of goods on board. This ship was not always able to enter the port, so for provisions and cargo on the "mainland" sent helicopters.

Antisubmarine helicopter SH-3 Sea King. Able to land on water.

Inside the rescue helicopter.

Armament storm helicopter

F-8 Crusader, jet fighter, storm Vietnamese MiGs.

Aircraft radar support E-2 Hawkeye.

We go up to the bridge.

It offers excellent views of the bay area.

Everything on this ship - the helm and navigation devices.

Board rescue team schedule.

Instruments on the table routing.

The status indicator of the engine.

The device is responsible for navigation.

View of the deck.

Bay automatics.

The cabin of the navigator.

Officer's room.

Meeting room.

Ship kitchen.


Special compartment.

Calendar schedule.

Compartment radar and navigation.

Surprisingly, all the instruments work.

Compartment data.

Built-in computers.

Latrine or toilet on the sole.

The passage between the compartments.

Workroom captain.

Personal cook captain.

View of the tower from the pier.

Today on deck "Midway" guns replaced by urban benches.

"The storm seas" was the decoration of the city waterfront San Diego.

Veterans tell of past missions tourists.

Mannequin, gave the command to take off.

On deck, the captain can play a wedding.

And it is a mystery to those who are in the subject. To the left in the picture location signal flags on the masts aircraft carrier, and the right key for reading them. The answer is at the plate in the bottom right corner. Fold your options in the comment.

From the deck of the ship offers a wonderful view of the bridge, connecting the city with the peninsula of Coronado and sculpture sailor and girls.

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