How preppery preparing for the end of the world

Scientists have debunked the probability of doomsday, and themselves Mayans say that the calendar at all and many people seriously preparing for the apocalypse, which supposedly is scheduled for December 21, 2012. For these fanatical individuals have even invented a special term - preppery.


Phil Burns demonstrates the improved gas mask at his home in Fork, Utah, USA.


Preppery - a new term, which the United States has long been called the people preparing to various disasters. And preparing to return almost paranoid. In the photo, one of these "prepperov" - Phil Burns - who thoroughly prepared for the apocalypse.


Many websites, online forums, radio and TV shows potokat prepperam, claiming that "something terrible" can still occur. Photo: Sami Porenta and Hugh Vale pack in stock provisions of the American organization "prepperov" in Sandy, Utah.


Some believe that the apocalypse will come as a result of the fact that the Earth will face an asteroid or what will happen "population explosion", which would entail civil war and plunder. Others are preparing for a real disaster, for example, to the fact that they could lose their jobs. Photo: Hugh Vale chopping wood at his home in Bountiful, Utah.


In one "preppery" sure exactly - they are ready for the fact that if you have to, they can hold out for a few days in the basement with accumulated provisions. Photo: Hugh Vale with its reserves at home.


Workers build a bunker in the asylum system in the Utah North Salt Lake, Utah.


There are such seekers expensive - from $ 51,800 to $ 64,900. But is it possible to save on the end of the world?


Frozen food is in stock in Sandy, Utah.


Dry rations are also waiting for "fatal hourĀ».



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