Photo tsunami and earthquake in Japan (137 + 4 photos video)

What happened in the north-east Japan earthquake was the strongest in the history of the country and shifted the Earth's axis by about 15 centimeters. Its magnitude is estimated as 8, 8. The number of victims of the earthquake in Japan in the hundreds and continues to grow. In the city of Sendai, located on the east coast of Japan, hit by a powerful tsunami, found the bodies of 200 to 300 people.

According to the USGS, the earthquake magnitude was 8, 9. Its epicenter was 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, the focus lies at a depth of 24 kilometers. A series of strong aftershocks in the north-east of Japan and the subsequent tsunami caused enormous damage to the country's Pacific coast. Tremors caused huge oxen, whose height in some places up to ten meters.

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