It is believed that dogs and cats - sworn enemies.

It is believed that dogs and cats - sworn enemies. But in fact, their relationship is much more ambiguous. Typical beagles or Jack Russell Terrier with pleasure haunted cats, while dogs of other breeds of cats are not always considered as a source of irritation or an object for aggression. Some even see them as friends.

The most famous of the dogs, who loved cats, was metiska from New York named Ginny. Some called her "Mother Teresa for cats." During his seventeen-year life she saved from death, disease and hunger around nine hundred cats.

Work Philip Gonzalez in one ill-fated day been injured at work, became disabled, depressed and on the advice of friends decided to get a dog companion.
Ginny at the shelter first came to the man through the bars and began to lick his hand. Philip did not like the strange shaggy dog, but friends persuaded him to bring her out of the cage and walk with her. After a short walk meekly Philip filled all the necessary dokumenty.Hotya he originally wanted a Doberman pinscher, strange-looking cross between a Schnauzer and Siberian Huskies caught his eye - and won the heart. As it turned out, the appearance was not the only unusual feature of Ginny. She loved cats, and they answered her in return. Dog so loved his friends that became a targeted search for cats who need help. "I'm not the trained her - told Gonzales agency" Associated Press ". - Ginny, to some extent fairy ... She just has this ability to recognize when a cat gets into trouble ».

During one of his first rescue missions, Ginny had found five kittens trapped in a pipe at a construction site. Ginny came to the aid of cats in landfills, narrow passages between buildings, in abandoned cars. She even pulled out the kitten, which was at the bottom of the box with broken glass. Gonzales soon found that he had to take care of (and for the sake of the shell) about the objects of kindness Ginny, she brought home. But Ginny financially helped the owner - of it was written two books that became best-sellers - "Dog rescuing cats" and "Blessing of the animals».

Ginny followed his unusual calling until his death, which occurred August 25, 2005. A lot of good things about it was said at the prestigious Westchester cat show. At this same exhibition in 1998. Ginny was given the unprecedented honor - it was declared a "Cat of the Year."


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